Heart Attack

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4. Hero


;;Red's Point of View;;

It's been twelve hours since the concert... not that I counted or anything.  I can't keep my mind off of what happened.  Amy and I snuck backstage and ended up in Harry Style's room.  When she fell asleep, Harry and I talked for a while.  I think... I think that he's interested in me... Naw, get your head back on, Red!!  As if Harry is even going to remember me.

"Red?  You okay, doll," asks a sweet voice, one with a major southern accent.  

Cindy, my co-worker at Starbucks, is how I got so good at southern accents.  Thank you, Cindy, for helping me beat Harry Styles.

"Huh?  Oh, yeah, I'm fine."  I reassure her, smiling as kindly as possible.  She smiles back and hands me a tray full of food, so much that I nearly drop the metallic tray.

"Swell.  These are table eight's.  I'll be in the back if you need me."  And with that, Cindy ran off leaving me with a tray of onion rings and a table full of football jerks.

This is going to be fun.

;;Harry's Point of View;;

I still can't get Red out of my head.  She's just so... different.  I was able to have a normal conversation with her even though I can tell that she is a fan.  When she saw the little girl and I, her face lit up.  And I could tell that it wasn't because she found the child.

I told the lads about my problem.  Today is out last day in North Dakota and I absolutely cannot leave without having her number.  The lads all agreed that we should go to Starbucks and then decide on what to do from there.  It's not a very well thought out plan, but, we have a time limit and I'm desperate.

Right as we walked into the nearest Starbucks, we heard a massive amount of screaming and yelling.  We all turned our heads and I just know that I look shocked.

It's her.  It's Red.

;;Red's Point Of View;;

Well, let's just say that I am not the smartest girl out there.  I decided to have fun with the jocks once I realized that they were all from my high school's football team, one of them being my best friend from my freshman year, Josh.

Actually, during that same year, I was a cheerleader.  I know, I know.  ME being a cheerleader.  Crazy, right?  Well, it happened.  I quit near the end of the year.  I know what you are thinking.  Why in the world would a high school girl want to quit the cheer leading team?  There is only one answer to that; I was being bullied by my own squad.  They all thought that I was a nuisance since one of the linebackers was my best friend.  The whole squad got jealous and I'm guessing that it's because Josh wasn't the worst looking guy out there.  The whole football teamed turned on me when I quit and none of us ever spoke again.

"Sooo, that's onion rings for all of you?  Don't you think that that's a little too much for fatsos like yourself?"  I taunted them, slamming the tray down on their table.  The whole team glared at me, except for Josh who just looked away. 

"Red, sorry to break this to you, but we all know that we are skinnier than you."  The quarterback sneered at me and I eyed him like mad.  Our football team has the biggest people you could think of, Josh being 6'5 and still the smallest one.  Yes, I do have some fat on me, like any other normal person, but I'm not as fat as any of them.

Suddenly, we all began fighting, screaming, cursing, yelling, and doing all sorts of things.  I even ended up squirting ketchup in one of the linebacker's hair, which backfired at me with onion rings.  

"You guys are such wimps!!  And I hate you all for that!"  I screamed at them through the fight, nearly weeping as my eyes tear up.  I really hate them for leaving me.  They could have at least waved to me in the hallways, or even met my eyes.  But no, the only things they do are glare and ignore.  And I'm sick of it.

In the blink of an eye, the whole team stands up in unison and glare at me.  Right as I hear Josh say a bad word I'm not going to use, I feel a hand grab my wrist.  This warm feeling of a strong and soft hand... I know it... I know this hand!

I quickly turn my head and can't help but smile.


;; Harry's Point of View;;

When I saw her perfect lips smile, mine followed after.  She's here.  She's right here.  I would be holding her as tight as I could, attempting to kiss her as passionately as possible and telling her how much I wanted to see her.  But this is not the time to do so.  

Glaring at the, what seems to be, an American football team, I stand somewhat protectively in front of Red.  "I think that's enough for today."  The whole team looked at me, both disgusted and astonished.  Heh, never seem a celebrity before?

All of them hurry out of the doors with rage-filled faces.  Sooo putting that on Twitter.  

I glance over at Red and notice that she is wiping the tears out of her eyes, hiding them with her sleeves.  "Thanks, Harry..."  She mumbles behind the sleeve, clearly still hurt from the group of jocks.

Red looks up at me with the most beautiful blue pair of eyes, a soft smile on her face.  "Thank you."  She tells me once again, her beautiful voice piercing through my heart like cupid's arrow.

Right before I can reply, I hear an annoying voice come from behind me.  Louis.  "Aww, Harry is Red's night and shining armor!!!"  Just as I try to clomp him on the head, Louis runs away, screaming and then whispering the the lads something I may not want to know.

;;Red's Point Of View;;

I can barely contain myself when I see Louis run like crazy back to his boys, a nervous and girly scream coming out of his mouth as he makes the most hilarious face in the world.  And I am not exaggerating.  I'm guessing that Harry notices my shaking body because he is grinning while looking down at me.  Damn... I am so much smaller than him.  Harry leans down and pecks my forehead, catching me off guard.  

"When do you get off?"  He looks at me with his gorgeous green eyes, smiling while he stares at me, waiting for an answer.

"What makes you think I want to do something with you, Styles?"  And with that, Harry's smile drops and he begins to look like a confused puppy.  This makes me go pass my limit and I begin laughing out loud, ignoring all of the stares from the customers.  

"I'm just kidding.  I get off at twelve."

"Great.  Meet you here then?"  His smile returns.

"Sure."  And with that, we go our separate ways.

Thank you guys for the lovely comments <3  I will try to update each day so be looking forward to it c;

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