One Direction Imagines

Just imagines. enjoy :)


1. One Direction Imagine


Your driving in your dads red truck with your bestfriend right beside you. 

You guy's are going on a road trip to god knows where. But you guys are excited. 

Your music is blasted up, "Live While Were Young" is playing, you and your bestfriend are singing along. While one of your hand is on the wheel , and your other hand is out the window. Out of no where, your truck goes down. And it's hot, so your sweating. Trying to fix your car for over a half and hour. 

A big red bus goes by, and your bestfriend is hitch hiking, because she knows you guys ain't going to fix the old truck. The big red bus stop's , but you're not paying attention. Because your still trying to fix the truck. Your bestfriend taps your shoulder but you don't pay attention. Until she starts tapping it a lot . You look to see what's going on , There they were, your inspirations, the reason's why you stopped cutting yourself. The reason why you eat , the reason why you stopped starving yourself. The reason why you smiled at life, and wasn't afraid of it. You fainted . 

*25 Minutes Later*

You wake up , and look at your bestfriend and say "God I hate my dream's , haha! Sorry for passing out". 

" It wasn't a dream" Liam says . You look at him and say "Oh wow.. " 

They all smile . 

Your bestfriend taps you on the shoulder again.. And says " Well.. Tell them" .

The boys looked curious. And they all said , "Tell us what?" 

You looked at your bestfriend evil , and looked at the boys and said "Well, you guys are the reason why I stopped to cut myself, Stopped thinking I wasn't beautiful. The reason why I eat now, I used to starve myself a lot. Basically cause of bullying" Your lifted up your sleeve and showed them all your scars. Niall grabbed your hand and kissed all the scars. 


And  Harry asked you guys if you guy wanted a ride. You said yeah. 

You called your dad and told him what happend to the truck. 

And he called a company to pick it up and fix it. 

You got on the bus, and started to laugh at Zayn trying to be funny. 

You ended up getting on really well with these boys. 

And they all gave you and your bestfriend their numbers. :)

The end. Hope you guys enjoyed xx

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