Last Chance

Drew a 16 year old girl who just moved in right next door to the one direction flats. Drew, Drew's family, and Drew's best friend Demi moved her from Dublin Ireland.They moved in while the boys were on tour. Who will be the first to find out Drew and everyone else now lives here? Will they fall in love?


2. The Interview

           Drew's POV

          "Drew. Wake up!" I felt someone shaking me.

"I'm up!" I shouted annoyed

"Drew! Get up!" I heard a little boy say to me. I got up unwillingly knowing it was my little brother.

"What Shawn?" I glared at him half asleep

"Mum and dad aren't here and I'm hungry! Cook me food!" He said.

"Your 13! Cook your own food!"

"But I'm too lazy! Please Drew!" He shouted waking up Demi next to me.

"Andy, Just make Shawn food." Demi scolded me.

"Andy? Her names Drew stupid!" Shawn said acting like a know-it-all.

"Yes, but Drew is a very boring name and Andy is her real name. Therefore I am calling her Andy. Stupid!" Demi mocking in an 'I-just-won' voice.

"Okay! But please Drew! For me AND Shayland?" He pleaded with a puppy dog face. Ugh I hated when he used Shayland on me. Because she was deaf she didn't know how to read so she couldn't read instructions to make her own food. Plus we were out of cereal.

"Fine! I'll make pancakes." I sighed.

"But I want eggs." Shawn frowned.

"That sucks! I want pancakes and Shayland won't care because she loves pancakes too!" I quickly slipped on some slippers and a baggy sweat-shirt and walked downstairs to the kitchen where I saw Shayland on the computer taking her lip-reading class. I went to the cupboard and got a mixing bowl. I then turned the stove on and started making the pancakes. I added chocolate chips because that was all our favorite type of pancakes. As I was finishing I saw Shayland setting the table.

She looked at me and signed to me, "Chocolate chips?"

I signed back while talking the words, "Yes! Of course!" It was a force of habit to talk while signing in front of her so everyone would know what I was saying to her. When I'm in the same room as Shayland I usually talk while signing both what the other person and I are saying so she feels like shes hearing her surroundings. I can tell that she likes it too.

"Can we have eggs too?" Shayland signed to me.

"No. Shawn was asking the same question earlier. I'm just to lazy to!" I signed back.

Shawn soon came by and signed to Shayland, "Don't even try asking her that. She's not gonna give in! She's a mean older sister!" He then glared at me.

I spoke and signed at the same time, "It's funny. You think I don't know what your saying when you sign! I'm not mean! I'm just lazy! Maybe if you could cook you could make your own eggs. But until then you get my pancakes!"

"PLEASE!" Shayland signed to me.

"No! Now Shawn go wake up Demi! I'll even out the pancakes." Shawn did as he was told while I set out pancakes on every ones plate. I got the peanut butter out for Shawn, the butter and sugar out for Shayland and syrup out for Demi and I.

           After breakfast we cleaned up and turned on the telly. We had to watch this dumb cartoon show because it was easy for Shayland to understand even though she couldn't hear it. And they spoke slow enough for her to read their lips. Shawn seemed pretty into it too.

"Drew, I'm bored! Can we do something?" Demi asked me. We never really called each other our names for each other around other people.

"Sure. What do you want to do?" I sighed.

"Can we please go draw with chalk? I feel like being a 3 year old right now." Demi begged.

"Sure! Why not!" I smiled. "Shawn we're just going right outside. Don't do anything stupid!" Shawn nodded as to say 'OKAY'.

                      We went to the garage and grabbed the chalk, and went outside and started to draw.

"What are you drawing Drew?" Demi asked.

"I don't really know yet! What about you?" I sighed.

"I'm writing a note to any of the Directioners begging not to murder us for moving here!" She smiled.

"Of course you are!" I giggled.

      About 20 minutes after we started drawing with chalk 2 vans pulled up. A little scared Demi and I stood up and stood by each other. A pretty brown haired lady came up to us with a camera man and a microphone.

"Hi there girls. I'm Kathy from the Channel 4 News-Channel.  What are your guys' names?" She asked enthusiastically.

Demi being the shy person nudged me to go first. "I'm Andy Luck. But you can call me Drew." I smiled.I

"And I'm Demitria Black. But you can call me Demi." Demi smiled at me. She was never shy after I started.

"Nice to meet you girls! How old are you?" She smiled.

"We're both 17." Demi answered smiling.

"May I say you too look like twins. Are you?" Kathy said

"Nope. Just best friends." As I finished saying that Shawn and Shayland ran out of the door covered in pancake mix.

"Would you excuse me a second?" I smiled watching them face the camera at Demi and I as we walked closer to them.

"What happened!?" I signed while spoke.

"Well, Shayland and I got a bit hungry again, and trying to prove to you that we are just as good a cook as you are, we tried to make pancakes again." Shawn sighed.

I looked at Shayland, "Shayland! Why on earth are you all covered in pancake mix!?" I signed and spoke. Demi ran inside and grabbed 2 wash cloths and brought the back damp. She started to clean off Shawn and talked to him about what happened, while I cleaned Shayland off getting her side of the story.

"Well, Shawn is right. We tried to make pancakes again, but when I was carrying the bowl  to the pan Shawn tripped me by accident and the pancake mix got everywhere. We cleaned up the kitchen though!" She signed to me as I mumbled to myself what she was saying

"Go inside and take a shower! Put your clothes into the washer and get some different clothes on. Shawn will do the same, okay?" I smiled at her. She then turned around and went inside the house. Shawn obviously listening in on our conversation did the same. Demi and I turned back to Kathy with her face obviously impressed.

"So, who were those 2?" Kathy smiled.

"That was my brother and sister Shawn and Shayland." I smiled.

"How come you 2 and Shawn were talking in sign language even when you weren't talking to Shayland?" She asked confused.

"Because we want Shayland to know what we're saying as well." Demi replied.

"How did you learn sign language Demi?" Kathy asked.

"I went to classes with Drew when we were almost 6, I've known it ever since." Demi smiled proudly

"Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?" I asked.

"Because your whole family and Demi just moved right next to One Direction! I think that's pretty big news!" Kathy giggled. "You guys know the boys are coming back from their tour in 2 days right?"

"We don't really care enough. But if my 2 sisters were here you could talk to them about it." I said.

"You have more siblings?" Kathy asked shocked.

"Yeah I have to other twin siblings. their 14. Their names are Kaitlyn and Kalani. Their identical. They are both in love with One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is though. Theirs no point in liking a person who is famous." I sighed regretting saying that on camera.

"Oh and why not?" She frowned.

"Because they are famous. Famous people on like other famous people. It's stupid. I would understand if they liked other people but they don't. So therefore it's pointless to like them." I said

"I can't say I disagree. I just don't think any Directioners would agree." She smiled.

"Honestly, I kinda get why people have huge crushes on them. They are hot. Wait just kidding. Their gorgeous." Demi said pointing to a huge, and I mean HUGE black bus with their picture on it.

"Demi, Drew. This is One Directions bus." Kathy smiled.

"Yeah, so?" Demi asked confused.

"I don't think you  two understand. This means the guys are home. Early." She smiled. We all had our focus on each other that we didn't realize a tall, skinny, brown hair boy walking towards us.

"Dang, I hoped it would be a secret!" He smiled at Kathy.

"Louis! Don't do that to me! You startled me." Kathy turned around slapping Louis' arm.

"Oh, I'm sorry Kathy. I see your interviewing our new neighbors. Why?" Louis asked.

"Because their YOUR neighbors. Everyone wanted the story." Kathy smiled at Louis.

"Hi there guys, I'm Louis. And you are?"

"I'm Demitria. But you can call me Demi!" Demi said enthusiastically.

"Nice to meet you Demi. And you are?" He asked looking at me and smiling. I had to admit. I wasn't thrilled to meet him. And I wasn't a fan of his big entrance.

"Gone." I said walking back into my house. I sat on the couch and turned on the telly. I wasn't very happy that Demi was enjoying talking to Louis.

Demi's POV

  "I'm so sorry about her! She's not a fan of famous people. And I'm positive she does NOT want to meet her sisters idols." I smiled at Louis.

"It's okay. Kathy would you be ever so kind and end this interview?" Louis asked with a smile.

"Sure! I've got everything I need anyways. I'll see you some other time. Bye Louis! And please do say hi to the other boys for me. I miss them terribly!" Kathy smiled.

"Okay! Will do! Bye Kathy!" Louis turned to me. "So, what do you wanna do?" 

"Would you like to come inside?" I asked.

"Sure! Why not?" Louis smiled.

"I must warn you though. Drew's sister and brother are a bit crazy. But they are not as bad as the other two will be." I smiled preparing Louis for the chaos of the Luck's household.


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