Last Chance

Drew a 16 year old girl who just moved in right next door to the one direction flats. Drew, Drew's family, and Drew's best friend Demi moved her from Dublin Ireland.They moved in while the boys were on tour. Who will be the first to find out Drew and everyone else now lives here? Will they fall in love?


1. New House.

           Drew's POV: 

    "Demitria can you come and help me carry in a few more boxes?" I struggled holding the boxes in my hand

"Sure. Just let me finish helping Kaitlyn and Kalani with their room and I'll be right there." Demi replied. Demi was my best friend. She had moved here with us since her parents travel a lot and don't have much time to be at home. Kaitlyn and Kalani were my twin sisters. They were 14 years old. They were look alike's, I always loved that about them. Their really funny and silly but they are usually always doing stuff together. I also have another set of twins in my family. Their names are Shayland and Shawn. They were 13 years old. Shayland was deaf, so we all learned sign language when we were pretty young. Demi learned it too. Shayland has learned how to read lips which has helped out a lot. Shayland and Shawn did a lot of things together since Shayland was a tom boy. But when Shaylands girly side came out she always went to talk to me. And I really do like talking to her. I can tell her anything I want and she is always there for me. I don't have a twin. But I like to pretend Demi is my twin sometimes. We look like twins and we act the same too. I'm really glad she moved here with us. I don't know what I would do if I had to leave her behind.           

             About twenty minutes later Demi and I had everything in our room. Well all the boxes at least and the furniture. We still needed to paint and unpack everything.

"What color do you want the room to be?" Demi asked staring at the wall.

"How about a green or blue?" I said.

"Or we could do different shades of green on each wall!" Demi said counting the walls.

"We have 5 walls Andy." Demi smiled.

"Okay. So how about a lime green for the wall by the door. A neon green for the biggest wall. An original green for the wall acroos from the door. A darker green for the wall with the window, and the smallest wall can have a light green." I stated

"Wait Andy, that's like 5 different cans of paint. Your mum is not going to buy us that many!

"Who said we are gonna ask my mum? We could just ask my papa. He'll buy us some!" I smiled, Demi rolled her eyes cause she new I was right.

"Well we better unpack our bed stuff. I wanna go to sleep!"

"Demitria, it's only 9 o'clock."

"I'm tired. We've been working for 12 hours."

"Can we at least put up the telly for me?" I sighed.

"You put up the telly and I'll unpack our bed items." Demi smiled knowing she got the easier part

                After about half an hour of harrasing the telly we finally got it to work. Sound and picture. Demi was no longer tired after laughing at me while I screamed at the telly till it worked. We had only one king sized bed in the room right now since Demi couldn't bring hers along, so we had to share the bed. As we got ourselves comfy I turned on the telly. Demi and I always liked watching the bizzare storys on the news, so we turned on the news channel. 

" Get ready to be jealous directioners. From the looks of the moving trucks and 3 cars in the use-to-be empty house, is now a family of what looks like 5 girls and 1 boy. of course it looks as though only 2 or 4 of them are old enough for the boys. They have moved in right next to Harry Styles house. The boys are on tour so they won't be seeing these girls for a while. We will hopefully have an interview with the older girls by tomorrow! Back to you Garret." The News-reporter  finished. Demi and Drew had wide open mouths. 

"Andy, We just moved in right next door to One Direction." Demi looked at Drew with worried eyes 

"Good thing we're not fans, but what about Kaitlyn and Kalani. We can't let them know we just moved in right next door to them." I Looked at Demi.

"We have till tomorrow to figure out what to do. Reporters are coming Andy. Reporters!

"Well I'm pretty sure your parents are going to work tomorrow so they won't know we're on the news. 

"Demitria, What about Kaitlyn and Kalani?"

"We could lock them in the bathroom..?"

"We're not locking them in a bathroom!" I gave her a 'DUH' face.

"Or we could ask your parents to take them with them to work."

"Okay! I'll go ask my papa right now. I'll be right back." I ran out the door and into my papas room. I explained everything to him and he said he would take the girls to work with him. I was so relieved. I ran back to my room.

"Papa said he would take them to work. We're okay now." I smiled.

"Okay. Now turn off the telly and go to bed." Demi sighed.

I couldn't lie anymore. I was really tired. I obeyed Demi's orders and climbed into bed. Sleep came over me nearly instantly.

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