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Carly, an innocent 17 year old, seems like she has a good life. Wrong. Her dad is abusive. She has a sister, Hannah. But she has to act like she hates her so she won't get beaten and raped. She hates her life. What happens when she runs away, and meets a certain Liam Payne. Will it be love at first sight? Or will he just laugh at her and walk away? Read to find out! :)


3. Feelings

*Carly's POV*

I woke up to the guys screaming and jumping on the bed. Some one fell on me and I screamed. I opened my eyes and came face to face with Louis. 

"We have McDonalds breakfast!!!" He yelled in my face. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off me. He fell into the floor. I looked over the side of the bed. 

"Sorry..." I said, giggling a bit. He just laughed and got up. Liam grabbed my hands and pulled my out of bed. He led me into the kitchen where they set out some McDonalds. I ran over and grabbed a egg bacon sandwich and two hashbrowns. The guys laughed at me and I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned around and saw my best friend. I decided to scare her so I hid behind the counter. The rest of the guys hid with me. She walked in.

"Hello? Car caaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr?" She called out. My face went red at her nickname from when we were 5. We jumped up and screamed. She jumped and screamed. I started laughing. She ran at me and picked me up. She ran outside and dropped me into the pool. It was freezing. I got out and started to shiver. Liam, being the responsible one, brought me a towel. I thanked him and kissed his cheek. He went bright red. I giggled and skipped into the house. I ate my hashbrowns while watching tv. But I wasn't really watching whatever show was on, no, I was thinking about my feelings for Liam. Do I really like him? Let alone love him? Uggh... I hate feelings sometimes. Liam cut off my thoughts when he sat on my lap. 

"AHHHH! LIAM! GET OFFFFFFFFFFF!" I yelled. He shifted a bit so he could look in my eyes. 

"The only way I'm getting off is if you sit in my lap instead." He said, smiling cheekily. I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay." I said. He stood up and I ran into the bathroom. "HAHAHAH! SUCKS FOR YOU, um... PAYNE!" I said, forgetting his last name for a minute. He groaned.

"Hey Liam, Eleanor and Perrie are coming over later, does Carly wanna go shopping with them?" Louis yelled from the living room. I shot out of the bathroom, knocking Liam down in the process. I walked into the living room. 

"I'd love to." I said, smiling. They smiled back. I walked into the room Liam and I were sharing. I started to undress when I heard the door open. I screamed and hid under the covers of the bed, as I only had my bra and underwear on. I peeked over the covers and saw Liam blushing a crimson red. 

"Cover your eyes immediately!" I said to him. He covered his eyes and I jumped out and put on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a blue tank top with an orange and blue see through top. I walked over to him and giggled. I pulled his hands off his face and saw he still had a blush, which I found adorable.

"Thanks." He said, smiling cheekily. I blushed crimson red. 

"I said that out loud didn't I?" I said, looking at the floor. He chuckled a bit then lifted my face with his hand. I looked him in the eyes. 

"Yeah, you did." He said, and wrapped me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed in his sent. 

"CARLY! THE GIRLS ARE HERE!" Louis screamed from the bottom of the stairs. Liam let go of me and grabbed my hand. He led me downstairs, where two really pretty girls stood. One was blonde and one was brunette. 

"Carly, this is Eleanor and Perrie." Louis said, pointing to one when he said their names. Julia was also here, and she looked quite cozy with Harry. I waved to them. 

"Hello." I said quietly. 

"Well, are just gunna stand here, or are we gunna go shopping?" Perrie said, grabbing her purse. I laughed and grabbed my purse. We headed to the door and out our shoes on. I put on my blue flats and walked out the door and sat in the car with Eleanor. Perrie and Julia came as soon as Eleanor turned on the car. 

*Skipping car ride*

When we got to the mall, Eleanor and Perrie put on beanies and sunglasses. We walked into the mall and we went into Hollister. We were looking at the racks when I bumped into someone.

"Oh my god I'm sooooo sorry!" I said, and looked up at the person. It was Hannah, my sister. 

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