Forever and Always

What is love? Is it when you get butterflies inside your stomach whenever you see them? Or when you'd do anything for them no matter what? I'm asking you this because I have never felt love, well, TRUE love anyway..

When I lived in Boston with my mam, before she.. Died.. I had a boyfriend, well, not a REAL boyfriend. He was a total ass.

He cheated on me with my so-called best friend, Amy. And when I accused him of it he just denied it. I broke up with him, and within an hour he had announced that he and Amy were dating, a TOTAL ass, am I right? Yeah, I'm always right.

Anyway, I lived in Boston with my mam, and when she died, I was given the chance to move to London and live with my aunt Lou. And you guessed it, I took the chance!


1. The Funeral

‎( Tori's POV)
I looked around, the room seemed so dull with people only wearing black- not a colour in sight. I saw numerous family members crying into one another's shoulders. But I was the only one not crying. What was wrong with me? I was her daughter after all.. But I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't even cry. I could only hear my mere heartbeat, and I thudded so loudly as I looked to my right, to see my aunt Lou with her daughter Lux sitting on her lap. Lux wasn't crying, obviously, she didn't even know what was going on, she was only baby for crying out loud.

Time seemed to go by slowly, I don't know if it was just me, or the fat, elderly priest with the most draining voice I've heard in my entire life that was talking..

The mass ended and they carried her coffin out to the graveyard.

As they lowered her into the ground, I stood there by myself, the tears finally beginning to fall. Thank god, I do have a heart!

I felt a soft gentle hand rest itself on my shoulder. I turned around to see aunt Lou.

" Are you okay, love?" she asked with concern in her voice.

I turned around to see the coffin lying in the dark brown mud.

" No.." I whispered only loud enough for her to hear, " I just can't believe she's gone..".

I turned to face Lou again, she too had a sad expression which seemed to mirror mine, only without the tears and the running mascara.

" I know, Toto. We'll get through this together. Okay? You and me?" she said as she pulled me into to her very comforting hugs. I've always loved those hugs, and even though I've never gotten that much, I've always cherished every single one.

" Okay.." I mumbled into her neck, she smelled like mums old perfume, and guess what? It made me cry even more.

" You're coming to London with me, will you? Please?" she asked me, she pulled away from the hug, and I looked into her eyes filled with hope.

Even though I was extremely upset, I still found my lips curving into a smile.

" Of course I will Lou.. I love you." I smile.

And at that moment, her mood changed completely. In a good way.

" Oh my God yay! You can have the huge guest bedroom! And you can be Lux's babysitter! And you can meet the people I work For! They're your age! You'll love them! They're names are Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn! They're in-" she excitedly babbled on, before I interrupted her.

" Calm down Lou!" I laughed, and at that moment, MY mood changed as well.
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