Forever and Always

What is love? Is it when you get butterflies inside your stomach whenever you see them? Or when you'd do anything for them no matter what? I'm asking you this because I have never felt love, well, TRUE love anyway..

When I lived in Boston with my mam, before she.. Died.. I had a boyfriend, well, not a REAL boyfriend. He was a total ass.

He cheated on me with my so-called best friend, Amy. And when I accused him of it he just denied it. I broke up with him, and within an hour he had announced that he and Amy were dating, a TOTAL ass, am I right? Yeah, I'm always right.

Anyway, I lived in Boston with my mam, and when she died, I was given the chance to move to London and live with my aunt Lou. And you guessed it, I took the chance!


2. London!

(Tori's POV)
I could hear the hustle and bustle of london airport. Yes, we have arrived. I am now in london, never to see Boston, and my ex ever again. Time for a fresh start. And it has been a couple of weeks since the funeral, so I'm feeling more confident. At least I don't have to see the things that reminded me of her everyday..

I grunted as I pulled my oh-so heavy suitcase off of the baggage carousel. It was a huge thing, with the English flag printed on it. Just getting in the mood, okay? And I had ALL of my clothes in here, and believe me, I have ALOT of clothes.

I lifted my bag onto the little trolly thing you put your bags on.

" Here sweetie, I'll push that. You carry lux." Lou said as she handed me Lux and grabbed the handle of the trolly and began to push it.

" Hey, luxi!" I giggled as she smiled at me. I really love lux, she is really adorable. I think I'll have fun babysitting her.

She said something, not english though. Something, in baby language? Abbah boga? Ah well, she is a baby.

" Googoo gaga!" I replied, and giggled again. I rested her on my left hip and carried her with one hand. I used the other hand to wipe the drool off her chin. After that, she grabbed my hand and began to play with the numerous bracelets on my wrist.


As I followed Lou, outside of the arrival gate, I was stunned by bright flashes. Tons of girls were screaming Lou's and Lux's names. As if they were hot shot celebs or something?

" Lou! Why are there tons of screaming girls here? Screaming your name?" I asked/ shouted over the loud screams.

" I'm a stylist!" she simply replied. All of this, for a stylist? Nuh huh. No way.

" But, you're only a stylist!" I laughed.

" Well, I am the stylist for the worlds biggest boy-"

" Lou! Lux! WE LOVE YOU! PLEASE SIGN MY FACE!" a teenage girl screamed. Why on her face? Ugh, I just don't know what this world is coming to.

Lou quickly ran over to the girl, and took a photo with her instead. See? I would rather a photo than have someone scribble their name on my face! There are some serious fucktards out there. Just saying...

Anyway, Lou, Lux and I piled ourselves into the cute little taxi. They're not like the ones back in Boston. They're small, black and cute. They look like oversized piggy banks.. Aww.

Then the taxi man pulled away from the curb and drove down the busy streets of London. We passed the London eye, Buckingham palace and BigBen. 

" I'll have to go check them out!" I said, pointing out the window like an excited child.

Lou laughed, " you can once you get settled in." she replied.

" Okay!" I smiled, and slouched back into my seat, enjoying the rest of the ride.

Only minutes later the taxi man, George, pulled up to one, MASSIVE, luxurious house. 

" Oh my god. Lou? You live here?" I asked, completely and utterly gob-smacked.

" Well, I am a stylist." she simply replied again, ugh, this is going to get annoying.

" Okay Lou, I get it. You're a stylist. Don't have to keep saying it." I laughed.

" Well you keep asking!" she laughed too, " okay okay, let's go inside. I want to see Tom!"

" Your gonna see your dada!" I smiled, and lifted Lux out of the taxi. Her whole face lit up and she giggled.

" abygooa." 

" Aggoobooba!" I replied. Don't think I'm crazy... I like babies, okay? They love me too! And I'm really good with them.

I followed Lou up to the large wooden door of the house with Lux in my arms. Lux reached to the doorbell and pressed her entire hand on it. She was quite a clever baby, I might say. But still not as clever as me. MHAWHAHA... Sorry.. I'm competitive.

Suddenly the door swung open, revealing an insanely happy Tom Atkin. Lou jumped into his arms and planted a kiss on his lips. He then reached over to lux. She basically jumped out my arms and into his. He then pulled all of us into a group hug.

" I missed you guys!" he shouted, " especially Toto! Long time no see huh?" 

A chorus of 'we missed you too''s were said, then a 'goonabha' from lux. I swear to god, in a couple of weeks, she'll be saying 'Super-kalla-fraga-listic-ex-bee-alla-doses' In no time! ( I don't know how to spell it okay? I tried my best!)

I was led inside.

" WOW.." I gasped. I have never been in London, or Lou's house before. They've only come to visit me in Boston. But it was AMAZEBALLS.

" Now stop gawking at my house, let me show you to your room!" Lou said, pushing me up the stairs leaving Tom and Lux to have some father-child time, or whatever it's called.

She pushed me down the long hallway that was upstairs, and eventually pushed me into my bedroom. And it was amazing. Purple walls, matching bed clothes, white shag carpeting, a walk in wardrobe, an en suite bathroom, and a huge balcony with a view of London.

" OH MY GOD." I gasped.

" So I take that you like this room?" she laughed.

" HELL YEAH!" I excitedly screamed, " THIS IS MY ROOM?" 

" Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm yourself down kiddo! But, yes. This is your room." she shushed me.

I collided into her, giving her one of my famous 'Cobra-Hugs'.

" THANK YOU! You are the best aunt ever Lou!" I smiled.

" No problem! I'll leave you to unpack." she said, leaving me in my dream bedroom. Wait was This a dream? I pinched myself.

" OW! Definitely not a dream.." I whispered, and then laughed to myself. Yes, I am insane like that.

Two hours later I was finished packing. I told you I had a lot of clothes! But I did put them into order of colour, what they were, and when to wear them.. I'm just organised like that, okay? I'm sick of people being judgmental.

I reached into my PJ drawer and pulled out my fluffy,pink, bunny PJS along with a t-shirt and an oversized sweatshirt. I laid hem carefully on my bed and hopped into the shower.

I like to sing in the shower, different time I'll sing a different song. Which one shall I sing today? Humm.. I feel like singing something, different today.

I KNOW! ' Lady Lumps' by the Black Eyed Peas.

" whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk? Ima gonna get get get you drunk, get you love drunk of my lumps!" I sang. Hopefully these walls are soundproof, or else Lux's first words will be lady lumps..

I hopped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me. I ignored the cold attacking my skin. I put my PJS on and hopped into bed. It was only seven o clock, but I had jet lag and was super tired, So I called it a day and went to sleep.

( Lou's POV)

Tori looked extremely happy when I led her to the guest room. When ever she smiled, I smiled too. She was like a little sister to me, and now that she is living in London with me, its like she finally is.

" OH MY GOD." She gasped.

" So I take it that you like this room?" I asked.

" HELL YEAH!" Toto excitedly screamed, " THIS IS MY ROOM?" 

" Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm yourself down kiddo! But, yes. This is your room." I laughed. 

Then she ran into me, and gave me a death defying hug.

" THANK YOU! You are the best aunt ever Lou!" she smiled. Her bright blue eyes were shining. Unlike at the funeral, they were a light grey colour.

" No problem! I'll leave you to unpack." I smiled back, and left her alone.

I ran down the stairs to see Tom and lux sitting on the couch, watching deadliest catch- Tom's favourite tv show.

" You know those giant crabs give her nightmares." I said taking Lou from his grasp.

" oh no it doesn't." he laughed. I placed lux in her high chair, and began to feed her some baby food.

" what ever babe." I laughed back.

" but anyway, Tori seems to coping pretty well with your sisters.. Death. She seems quite happy."

I took a deep breath, " yeah. I just want her to be happy."

" yeah. Hey, why don't you call the boys over? You can introduce them since you're going to bring her on tour with you. They'll get along. Make friends." he suggested. I was thinking of that, and yeah, I will. 

" Pass the phone." I asked, and he threw the phone half way across the room to me, and I catched it. Hell yeah!

I knew all of the boys will be together at one of their flats, they always are. I dialled Liam's number.

" Hey Lou, what's up?" he asked.

I explained to him that Tori had moved here with me, and that she was lonely and could use with some company. He agreed and said they'd be here in a few minutes.

I tossed the phone to Tom, and he placed it back in his pocket.

" They'll be here in a few." I stated, and went into the kitchen to make some dinner.

( Lux's POV)


( Lou's POV)

Within twenty minutes the boys were here. They seemed pretty excited to see Tori. Niall was extremely excited, but that was mainly because I told them I made dinner. They all sat on the couches surrounding the tv.

" I'll go get Tori." I stated and went upstairs.

I knocked on her bedroom door. No answer. I walked inside.

" Tori, I made dinner. I also have some people to introduce you to.. Tori?" I said. I walked over to her bed, and there she lay. Fast asleep. Not a sound. Aww. I know she's eighteen, but I just couldn't help but take a picture. I was going to make a scrapbook anyway, of her and Lux together, might as well start now.

I took a couple of photos, and went downstairs to the guys. They'll be so disappointed now that they can't see her.

I entered the sitting room, and everyone was where I left them, well accept for Tom. I think he left because the boys were watching Toy Story.

" Toy Story? Really guys?" I laughed.

" It's for Lux!" Liam replied.

" No, I'm pretty sure it's for Liam." Louis added. Oh that boy.

" Oh shush. Where's-" Liam began.

" Where's Tori?" Harry asked. 

" Oh yeah, about that. She's really tired, you know, From jet lag. She's asleep." I explained.

There was a chorus of 'oh's and 'aww's from the boys.

" But we were really excited to see her." Zayn added. And then there was a chorus of 'yeah's.

" Umm.. I have a photo? Does that help?" I laughed. They all nodded and I pressed the button to show them the picture of her with Lux at the airport. I turned the camera so that they could see it.

They all looked pretty gob-smacked. In a good way. Tori was such a beautiful girl. She had long, dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, perfect white teeth, and a gorgeous smile.

" Wow, she's pretty.." Harry stated. The boys agreed. Harry then took the camera from me and I went to dish up the dinner.

( Harry's POV)

" Lou wants us to go to her house for dinner. And to meet her niece that is now living with her." Liam replied after I had asked him who was calling.

" Hmm. What age is her niece?" I asked.

" well she's not thirty two, Harry. If that's what you mean." Liam laughed. The boys began to laugh too.

" Come on! That was ages ago guys! But really? Is she like twelve or something?" I defended myself.

" if you must know, she's eighteen." Liam replied.

" OOH! SOMEONE HIS OWN AGE!" Louis joked.

" He won't like her. He only likes the elderly ones." Niall joked.

" SHUT UP!" I screamed as I threw a cushion at them. " what time are we heading at?"

Liam sent a text to Lou. Within ten seconds she had replied. 

" now."

I grabbed my beanie and put it on. Along with a coat and my white converse. Every one was ready, except for Zayn. He always takes the longest.

" come on Zaynie!" Louis said as he pushed him out of the door.

We got in the car and drove to Lou's. It only took us a few minutes. We pulled up to Lou's house. Every time I get here It looks bigger. Huh.. Weird.

I rang the doorbell, and when I touched it, it seemed to be wet. Eww.. 

Lou answered the door.

" hey guys!" she smiled.

" hey!" we all said in unison. When you spend most of your time together, you find that you begin to say the same things. We're pretty used to it now.

We all entered the house, the smell of a proper Sunday roast filled the air.

" Mmmm.. Smell's good." Niall said, I agreed.

We went to the sitting room to see Tom and Lux sitting on the ouch watching.. Deadliest Catch? Okay..

" hey guys." Tom said.

" hey!" we said it again. See?

We all sat on the couches surrounding the tv.

" I'll go get tori." Lou stated, and then ran upstairs. Hmm.. Tori? That's a gorgeous name. I'll bet she's beautiful.

Tom left, probably to go make the dinner. Eventually deadliest catch was over, and Liam suggested that we watch Toy Story.

"... For baby Lux?" he says.

" fine." I said. But the rest of the boys groaned, mainly because it was third time we've watched it this week.

He put it in the DVD player and sat back down. I had lux on my lap and was playing with her. She didn't even glance at the tv once.

Minutes later Lou came down alone.

" Toy Story? Really guys?" She laughed.

" It's for Lux!" Liam replied.

" No, I'm pretty sure it's for Liam." Louis added.

Wait where was Tori, I thought Lou was going to go get her. I sound desperate, but I am really desperate to see her. If she is even half as pretty as Lou says she is, then Ill do anything to see her.

" Oh shush. Where's-" Liam began.

" Where's Tori?" I asked. 

" Oh yeah, about that. She's really tired, you know, From jet lag. She's asleep." Lou explained.

There was a chorus of 'oh's and 'aww's from the boys.

" But we were really excited to see her." Zayn added. And then there was a chorus of 'yeah's.

" Umm.. I have a photo? Does that help?" She laughed. We all nodded. She turned the camera so that we could see it.

She revealed a photo of the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Dirty blonde hair that reached her mid back, shining blue eyes, beautiful smile. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had an amazing body too.

I gulped. " WOW.. She's pretty.." 

The boys agreed. Then they went back to watching Toy Story. I took the camera off of Lou. I stared at the photo of Tori holding Lux at what seemed to be the airport, I just couldn't stop looking, she was absolutely amazing. I began to skim through other pictures, and I came to another photo of Tori that just took my breath away. She was asleep, in her bedroom upstairs. Lou must have just of taken it. Her lips slightly parted when she slept. If you saw what I saw, you would have thought that she was an angel.

" Guys! Dinner is ready!" Lou yelled from her kitchen.

Within a mili second Niall was out of the room. Soon Louis,Liam,Zayn and I followed. I carried Lux into the dining room and sat her down in her high chair. Minutes later a plate sat in front of me.

" Mmm.. Looks great Lou!" I said, staring at the roast beef, vegetables and potatoes on my plate.

" hope you enjoy it then!" Lou said sitting down at the head of the table. I sat beside Louis, and Liam facing me. Niall sat next to Liam, and then Zayn. Tom sat next to Louis and lux sat in the high chair beside Lou.

" So.. Lou, tell us about Tori." I began.

" Ooohhh! Harry's interested!" everyone teased.

I couldn't help but look down, avoiding eye contact. I haven't even met her yet, and I already had a crush on her. Just by looking at some photos.

" Ooh! Leave poor Hazza alone!" Lou said.

Time went by so fast, and before we knew it, it was twelve o clock at night.

" Alright guys, Im tired. I'm going to bed. You can go home, or just crash on the couches tonight. Your choice." Tom said. Lou and Lux had already been in bed.

" We'll just crash here tonight guys." I said. Thank god everyone was too lazy to get their lazy arses of the couches. I really just wanted to stay here so I could see Tori first thing tomorrow.

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