Princess Protection Program

Gabrielle Sonclaire Monet a 17 year old princess , needs to escape from her castle because her uncle is trying to steal the throne. So she does escape with one of the bodyguards Paul. Paul took her to this place called princess protection program which Gabrielles other uncle is waiting, uncle Simon.
She's heard that he helps with the music industry. She has to change et name and start a new life and change her identity she has to move to England with his uncle Simon where she meets 5 guys.
Will she learn how to be a proper teenager? Or will she be stuck being the well mannered and proper girl?
Will some of the boys start to develope feeling for her? Or will she develope feelings for some of the guys?
( based on movie princess protection program but not exactly)


1. I will miss you

Gabrielle's  POV:

" Hola Amigos" I said as I stepped down the last step of the long stairs, " hello darling " replied my mother with a worried face. " what's wrong mother " I asked her while walking towards her, she took a deep breath and said "uncle Samual is coming" I gasped.

You see uncle Samual had tried to steal our royalty several times but he had no luck. He also wants to marry my mother because his brother, my father died, his daughter is trying to steal my throne also. This sounds very violent but uncle Samuals daughter Lola tried to...... Kill me once.

I looked around to see people setting up our break fast.
I heard someone talking to my mother, I turned around to see Paul, myn and mother's favourite bodyguard.

They both had sad faces " what is going on " I asked Paul, but mother replied instead of  Paul " look sweetie your gonna have to go to Paul because there here" " what mother no I am not going to leave you here" i snapped at mother hesitating, " Gabrielle honey you have to " she said with tears running from both of our eyes, " it is for all of the kingdoms good this time they are after you " mother told me.
I have to do this, I have to do this for mother, father and the whole kingdom.
I finally agreed " ok mother " I managed to say with tears trickling down my cheeks. We both pulled into a hug bawling quietly, " sorry to interrupt but they are here, we have to go " interrupted Paul. Mother took her necklace off and put it in the palm of my hands " keep it and I will always be with you " she said " I'm going to mi-" I got interrupted by a loud thump coming from downstairs.
Me And Paul ran " I LOVE YOU MOTHER" we're the last things I said before I left my mother.

We got In a helicopter " ok so we are going to take you too some place called princess protection program" said Paul,
I just nodded not having enough energy to speak, all I did was clutch mothers necklace in my hand and bring it up my heart thinking  ' I will miss you mother '.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N I'm so sorry it's so short I just wanted to start a new story cause this has been in my head for a long time. I promise I will update as soon as I can and please check out my other movellas, and also please like favourite and comment please and thank you~~Xx❤mysterygirl❤xX
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