Kaylee George was never the one to enjoy her birthday. To her every year her birthday was a curse. On Kaylee’s 7th birthday her mother walked out on her and her father. Her 8th birthday her father died in a car crash. Then of course on her 9th birthday some abusive woman adopted her from Virginia, Beach Foster home and brought her to Los Angeles with her.

Kaylee is now turning eighteen which means she’s a legal adult. She inherited an apartment in Virginia and plans on moving in the day she turns eighteen. Maybe the pattern will finally stop. But it doesn’t. How far will Kaylee go to find out what’s happening?


1. Chapter One

I admired the light blue cottage by the sea with its ocean view, and each flower fully grown. There was no need to change it. It was perfect the way it was.

The cottage was perfect. It was perfect because my father inherited it from his father. Tomorrow when I turn eighteen the cottage was legally mine. I didn’t want to change it because it reminds me of him. It was in Virginia where I once lived.

But Andrew insisted. "Look at that chipped paint!" Andrew pointed out last time we came. That was Andrew, always pointing out the small details. Where was he anyway? He said that he needed to get some things from the hotel we were staying at.

I was in my happy place though; I didn't really care about anything at the moment. It felt good to be back in my hometown Virginia Beach. I hadn't been here since I was nine, when Sandra adopted me from the local foster home and brought me to Los Angeles, California. Who even knew what she was doing in Virginia?

Living with Sandra wasn't exactly a perk though. I'd rather still have been at that foster home. Sandra's idea of Christmas was lighting the fire place. "But Santa's suppose to go down the chimney!" I said in my cute ten year old voice. "Exactly that is why were lighting the fire! Bad girls like you don't deserve presents!" Sandra yelled. I would cry every Christmas.

One night Sandra let me stay home alone. I stayed up and did my homework. When Sandra got home she was so drunk she picked me up by the neck and slammed my head into the fireplace. I thought stuff like this was normal for kids. I was always surprised when parents of other children showed up to our school performances and hugged them or gave them attention.

I remember when I fell down three flights of stairs at school last year on my seventeenth birthday. Sandra didn't even care that I broke my leg. But one good thing came out of that. I met my boyfriend Andrew. When no one cared that I broke my leg, Andrew was there. He helped me carry my books to each of my classes.

I was a little concerned at times though because Andrew was the school player. He use to date my best friend Julia. Julia told me he was nothing but trouble. So I had a talk with Andrew and he promised that he changed for me. Of course, I still had some doubts about that.

My thoughts were interrupted by the engine of an old pickup truck. I turned around to see Andrew pulling up to the house in his red pickup truck. Someone was in the passenger seat.

Andrew did his signature hair flip with his caramel colored hair. I watched the guy in the passenger seat. He had blond hair and looked almost like Andrew.

"Oh this is my brother Tyler!" Andrew said noticing me staring at his brother. "Hi I'm Kaylee!" I smiled putting my hand out. "Hi I'm Tyler." He said in a very deep voice. Tyler had a very tight grasp. "Okay lets get started!" Andrew said taking a bucket of light blue paint out of his truck. "Good Idea!" I said about to take a paintbrush from him.

Andrew stopped my hand from reaching to get the paintbrush. "Tyler and I got this, why don't you go fix us up some sandwiches?" Andrew asked. "Fine but you do realize this is not the 1950's anymore!" I complained walking into my cottage.

I got all the ingredients out to start making the sandwiches. I started humming a tune. I suddenly turned around to see Tyler staring at me. His eyes were fixed on mine and he didn't blink once. I cleared my throat hoping for the awkward silence to end.

"Sorry I was wondering if you had any water." Tyler finally asked. "Um yea, it’s right in here" I said reaching into the fridge and handing him a water bottle. "Thanks." He said.

It didn't take me long to finish the sandwiches. I brought them outside and set them on a table. The boys were busy working on my house.

I pulled up a lawn chair and picked up a great novel I have been dying to read. The book was called The Silver Locket. Sandra's sister Lee was the author of it.

Andrew and Tyler finished working on the house a few hours later. "Hello?" Andrew said waving his hand in front of me to get my attention. "Oh I’m sorry!" I said looking up. "Were done working on the house for today are you going to stay at the hotel tonight?" Andrew asked. "Um no if it's alright I'd like to stay here." I said. "Yeah it’s fine!" Andrew said. "I got to go but I'll pick you up tomorrow for your birthday dinner!" Andrew said leaving with Tyler.

Oh right, tomorrow was my eighteenth birthday. ‘I wonder what event's going to happen to change my life this year!’ I thought sarcastically. I went into my cottage and changed into my night clothes. I just threw on some shorts and a tank top and took my long brown hair out of its pony tail.

I picked up my phone and called Julia. She picked up on the first ring. "Hello?" Julia asked. "Hey Julia are you almost here in Virginia?" I asked. "I'm on the plane from Los Angeles I should be here sometime in the morning!" Julia snapped. "Okay get here as fast as you can!" I said. "It’s not my fault you decided to move faraway!" Julia snapped before hanging up.

Julia is friendly, playful and beautiful but when she doesn't get her beauty sleep she turns into a total drama queen.

I sighed. I didn't want this day to end. Tomorrow would be November 18th my birthday... But I was too tired to not sleep I hopped in bed and fell right asleep.

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