Summer of Dreams

Cally moves into a villa by the sea, to spend some time writing and rediscovering a new direction for her life. She has recently lost her job and ended a relationship, the last thing she imagined finding was a man who could make her feel alive again... But he is secretive about his past and she wonders whether they will have a future together, after the lazy, hazy days of summer have passed...


2. He Sent Shockwaves Through Her

Over the next few days, she managed to put the incident to the back of her mind. She’d reported the intruder to the property letting company, who were surprisingly unfazed. They assured her that all keys were in their possession, apart from the one she had. They even went so far as to question whether she was sure she hadn’t just had a bad dream in unfamiliar surroundings, on her first night in the accommodation.

They admitted that the room at the top of the stairs was usually kept locked as the letting agency didn’t consider it of a suitable standard and the owner would not permit any updating or redecoration. So it was marketed as a one-bedroomed rental opportunity.

At this point, Cally gave up and decided to just get on with her own pursuits. She often went for an early morning swim and then sat out on the sprawling veranda in the mornings, writing her story or listening to music. Things had settled into a nice routine, sometimes walking to the nearby village to pick up a paper and few supplies or going for long, rambling walks on the deserted beach and surrounding fields.

It was one such hot, sultry afternoon, when she couldn’t concentrate on her writing, she’d gone for a walk to clear her head and found herself on a dusty track through a field of bright red poppies. There was a slight breeze playing with her thin summer dress, and it clung to her figure. She pulled a stray strand of blonde hair away from her eyes, tucking it behind her ear and somehow she managed to walk right into him….

She’d been glancing down at the bobbing red poppies and then suddenly there he was. Pressed up against him, at first all she saw was the white shirt and sunbleached jeans, but the hard muscles sent shockwaves through her as he set her aside, his hands gripping her waist and she yelped like a cornered puppy.

“Hey lady, calm down… you ran into me remember…” he held both hands up in the air to break the contact and she stared into the laughing green eyes.
“I’m so sorry,’ she sounded like an idiot, she was acting like one too. “I can’t believe I just did that…” she stopped, she was lost in those eyes, the smile that lit her summer’s day.
“No problem, I’m just as much to blame, setting up in the middle of a field… of course I’m going to get in your way..’ the mop of curly hair was rippling in the breeze.
For a moment she thought he was laughing at her, but then she saw the artist’s easel and the small canvas worked with bright red watercolour poppies, like a window cut into the field of poppies, the artistry was enchanting. An old brown leather satchel lay on the ground and sketchpads and brushes spilled out.

“It’s a lovely painting.” she smiled back, almost recovering her senses.

“There’s something missing from it,” he frowned for a moment, then again took her by surprise. “Would you pose for me a minute, I’d like to add you to the picture.”

She felt herself blushing under his stare, ‘why not’ she thought, her blazing red cheeks should fit right in with the scarlet poppies.

“If you’re sure?” she shrugged and at once he was showing her how he wanted her to pose. This time he did not move to touch her, but assumed a pose on the ground looking up at the sky, one leg drawn up, and one arm reaching seductively above his head.

He was so relaxed, so at ease with himself, she could only stare in wonder at such raw charm. Reality seemed to have suspended itself somewhere beyond the field of poppies and she hesitated for a moment, she felt hot and strangely giddy – perhaps she’d been out in the sun too long.
Her hesitation caused a flicker of concern in those steady green eyes.
“I’m Jay and I presume too much” he said quietly as though a formal introduction would make this whole surreal moment slip back into the world she had lived in before they met.
“Cally” she heard herself reply softly. “and I really should go…”
“Just stay there a moment, please, you don’t have to move”

He picked up his brush and turned back to the painting and began to paint her into his summer. She watched in silence, mesmerised and every so often he caught her in a glance that could light a fire. How long did it take, she lost all sense of time, but when he finally stood back to let her see the painting, she felt her breath catch in her throat.

Lying amongst the sea of scarlet poppies, a woman with sensuous curves lay just as he had wanted her to pose, blonde tresses moved by a breeze, tell tale pink cheeks and a look of …. she searched for the right words… pure passion.

“What do you think?” he asked suddenly standing too close.
She wanted to reach up and run her fingers through his hair, touch those lips that were so disarming… she wanted to be the woman in that painting, but she was shocked that he could make her feel like that and it scared her too.
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