I wasn't supposed to fall

Lexi Chappman was your typical popular girl, pretty , fake friends and a bitch. One day her bestfriend Allie dares her to give the school's biggest singing loser Justin Bieber a makeover and make him the biggest hottie of all time. She takes the bet and after spending so much time with him, she became closer to him and did what she thought was impossible . She let her walls down.



4. Unfaded Memories

Once we finished shopping I drove back to my house and took his bags to my brothers old room. Since he refused to let me cut his hair He would not be allowed to wear any of his new clothes until his bangs were gone . Justin was not too happy about that since he spent about 300$ on clothes, chains and fitted hats.

I walked back to my room with him following me , no one was home so I decided to take this opportunity and give him tips how to talk to girls.

"Why do I need to learn that? " he said
" Because when im done with you , your gunna have girls crawling after you" i said sitting on my computer chair while he sat on my bed and looked around my room.
He rolled his eyes , which i found hot ; do not ask why " I Already know how to talk to girls . Im talking to you aren't I? Im pretty sure your a girl ."
It was my turn to roll my eyes " yes , but your too nice, a hot guy who is nice is just a turn off."
He looked at me like i was stupid " What? Its true !" I said
" okay whatever , just answer me one question and I'll do whatever you want." He spoke looking straight into my grey eyes .
" shoot"
" Why are you really giving me a makeover ? " he said studying my face as I answered.
" Because I missed you " I lied though after spending the day with him i wasen't so sure if i was lying or not.
He gave me a dirty look " your sucha liar. "
" I am not ! When i heard you singing at the talent show It brought me back to all those times when i used to go over to your house and we'd have concerts in your backyard." He still looked unconvinced " I still have one of our old songs." I got up and went to my left night table and oulled out the yellow piece of paper and stuck it out to him. He took it from me and smiled .

" I remember when we wrote this, you just fell off your bike and wanted to break it " he laughed at the memory
" oh yeah , but then you said writing my anger down was better and less harmful to those around me " I laughed
" So then we wrote a song about how much falling hurts" he smiled as he read the lyrics on the paper. " you know these are actually pretty good , if we changed sone of the words this could be a hit song "
" Ya " i leaned over " we rhymed that with car track" i laughed loudly , he laughed along with me .

When we stopped laughing we just stared at each other . This was exactly like old times always laughing and having a great time just being around eachother . I snapped out of it.

" Alright lets get down to business." I said standing up and closing my room door standing by my white board that hung from the back .
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