I wasn't supposed to fall

Lexi Chappman was your typical popular girl, pretty , fake friends and a bitch. One day her bestfriend Allie dares her to give the school's biggest singing loser Justin Bieber a makeover and make him the biggest hottie of all time. She takes the bet and after spending so much time with him, she became closer to him and did what she thought was impossible . She let her walls down.



1. The Bet

LPOV (Lexi)

For some reason my school decides to host frequent talent shows. If you ask me they were pretty useless, I mean the same people always signed up . I mean even when new students decided to sign up they never won, so not many bothered. Usually the popular kids (me and my 'friends') would skip. This time was a no go , if i skipped one more time i'd be expelled . Fortunately my best friend and true friend was in the same boat as me.

" ugh i wish someone would actually push her off the stage. Jessica Jarold CAN NOT SING" my bestfriend Allie said.
I laughed " c'mon Al's she's not that bad, she just needs to learn how to control her range " i said being a singer myself. Though the only person that knew was Allie.
Allie snorted.

"PLEASE WELCOME TO THE STAGE JUSTIN BIEBER" said Mr. Polaer; the talent show announcer.

" hey Lex, you remeber when you used to give people makeovers?"
" Ya! I was so pro at them" which I was.
She smiled sneakily at me " you up for a bet? "
I shrugged " watchya got "
" I dare you to give Justin Dweeber a makeover "
" are you kidding ? That would mean I would gave to be seen the him ! "
She laughed " its not like he's contagious"
I scowled at her " whats in it for me? "
" I'll let you pick the dance we do at nationals"
I went wide eyed . We were co-captins of the dance squad but she usually always chose what dance we did during competitions.
" your on"
" but you have to make him the hottest guy in the school and have to make ME even want him" Allie was very picky and didnt usually date highschool peers. Always college boys , which wasent creepy since we were both 17.
" Deal " i smiled and we shook hands.

After Justin was done performing , which i must admit was pretty good , the show ended and I went over to talk to him. When he saw me coming his way he glared at me. Oh right.. Did i forget to mention he hated me ? Yup he loathed me ever since I beat up his sister . I had to do it though she called me a slut ! I am sooo not at slut , I mean i was still a virgin ! Besides all i did was break her wrist when i twisted it behind her back.

" Hey Justin" I said once I reached him and smiled.
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