I wasn't supposed to fall

Lexi Chappman was your typical popular girl, pretty , fake friends and a bitch. One day her bestfriend Allie dares her to give the school's biggest singing loser Justin Bieber a makeover and make him the biggest hottie of all time. She takes the bet and after spending so much time with him, she became closer to him and did what she thought was impossible . She let her walls down.



8. Show Time

once we got to school, i looked at Justin and felt that much more confident.

   "ready?" i asked him

he smirked and nodded his head.

we both got out of the car grabbing our school bags and walked through the front entrance with all the girl staring at him- like i suspected they would. what i didn't suspect was that i would feel jealous and glare at them while Justin was giving them crooked smiles. whores.

we walked to his locker and then mine. after we both got our things for our first classes of the day we walked to where the real test of my work would be inspected. The hallway by the upstairs gym. as soon as we turned the corner everyone in the 'popular group' turned to look at me. the girls: Jenna, Audrina,Holly and Allie started at me(well Justin) with there mouths wide open. the guys: Drake, Raymond, Scott and Ryan, Chaz looked at me with questioning looks.


once we approached them i spoke.

     "hey guys, whats up?" i smiled like nothing was out of the ordinary.

    " you tell me," Holly said, the girl in this clique that i honestly could not stand, not to mention the sluttiest.

I looked to Justin who was smiling at Audrina with a smile that looked too friendly for my liking.

    " Oh, this is Justin, Justin you know everyone."

  Allie let out a gasp, " no way."

i smirked at her " way."

Jenna was the quickest one to catch on. " You mean 'Justin' as in 'Justin Dweeber'?" her voice had disgust and admiration in it. figures. she Always made fun of him and now here she was admiring him.

  "Yup, anyway what were you guys talking about before?" i noticed before they spotted us Holly and Jenna were arguing.

    " The party this friday night, Jenna wants to ditch and Holly wants to go scout out college boys- the usual," Drake said rolling his eyes. i laughed.

  " what do you think?" Aliie spoke.

   " Im in for the party," it was always like this. between me and Allie we always decided what our group did. i liked parties but after awhile they got tiring. but i just wanted to see how Justin would react in his surroundings. at test if you will, to see if my sessions actually stuck. i looked towards him who was having a staring contest with Audrina.

    " You in JB?" i said sternly making his attention back to me. the way i would only admit to you- they way i liked it.

     "' course" his voice wasent so much as deep as it was that it went straight through my ears and plunged deeply into my veins.

     " you could go with me, if you'd like" Audrina said , in her 'flirty voice'. i almost punched her. she N E V E R  dated people from our school- like Allie- and now she was deliberately asking out a guy that shes never spoken to in her life? bitch.

     " that depends, " Justin's voice was deep, smooth and extremely sexy. every girl was watching him with open desires spilling out.

     " On? " Audri-bitch replied, walking closer to him resting her arm on his forearm and looking up at him so he could have good view of her cleavage and pretty aquamarine eyes.

    "Whether you can keep up." he said it seriously , but was smirking at the same time. definitely dangerous.

she leaned forward pressing her balloons against his chest whispering something in his ear. whata slut.


before i could rip out her naturally burgundy hair , the bell rang. we all walked away in different directions chatting with whoever we had class with while i walked to my class my hands permanently folding into a fist trying not to kill Audrina.


My test passed. The show had an encore and i was pissed as hell walking into geometry.










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