I wasn't supposed to fall

Lexi Chappman was your typical popular girl, pretty , fake friends and a bitch. One day her bestfriend Allie dares her to give the school's biggest singing loser Justin Bieber a makeover and make him the biggest hottie of all time. She takes the bet and after spending so much time with him, she became closer to him and did what she thought was impossible . She let her walls down.



6. Justin Bieber's HOT

After we got his haircut and walked out of the salon girls in the mall just kept staring at him like he was a fucking god or something. Though I must admit he looked incredibly hot and I was having a hard time not staring myself . We walked to the food court passing a nail salon where they also pierce ears and I got an idea.

" I think you should get your ears pierced " I stated after grabbing his arm.
" What ? Why?"
" Cause it will make you look even hotter." And will make me win the bet, i silently added to myself
He smiled " so you admit I'm hot "
I ran some of hair though my fingers " shut up , of course your hot , you had my help after all , now get your fucking ears pierced asshole"
He just laughed at me " alright , though my mom's not going to be happy"
" I'll take care of that ." And by take care of that i meant distract her from the piercings until I left.
He snorted " yeah right ."

We walked into the piercing studio which was part of the nail salon. While I got my nails done he got both of his ears pierced . And of course I was right. He looked fuck-hot . His ears were slightly red but not too noticeable.

When we went to the food court we got food from Wendy's and sat down at a two- table seater.

" Did it hurt ?" I asked shoving a fry in my mouth
He shrugged " a little , but nothing I cant handle. Did your nose piercing hurt?"
" yes! Like a fucking bitch! But I love it , I think I look so much better with it ."
" I like it." He smiled , then took a sip of his drink
" thanks Juju" I smiled when he rolled his eyes
" I still hate that nickname "
I laughed " oh well, I love it " If I was being honest the nickname did sound stupid but I loved that I was the only person that he allowed to call him that. Even after all this time.
He rolled his eyes " you only like it because I only let you call me that"
I hid the shock "whatever , ready for all the girl's tomorrow?" How the hell did he know that? I loved and hated that he could read my mind.
" sure , lay em on me" he winked and smiled .

Its official , He was the hottest guy in the school . & every girl was going to want him , simply because

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