I wasn't supposed to fall

Lexi Chappman was your typical popular girl, pretty , fake friends and a bitch. One day her bestfriend Allie dares her to give the school's biggest singing loser Justin Bieber a makeover and make him the biggest hottie of all time. She takes the bet and after spending so much time with him, she became closer to him and did what she thought was impossible . She let her walls down.



3. Just Like Old Times

I walked to Justin's house and when i knocked his mom; Pattie came to the door . She looked surprised to see me but still smiled a genuine smile.
" hello sweetie , " she said kindly
I smiled back politely " hey Pattie , is Justin home ? I want to get started " even after all this time i still felt like Pattie was a second mom to me and was as comfortable as ever.
" of course , he told me about the makeover , im glad you too are finally talking again" she smiled
I played with my fingers awkwardly , the only reason we were talking again was because I was in on a dare with my bestfriend and wanted to choose the dance for nationals. " Ya..."

Justin then came down the stairs, wearing a purple hoodie , black pants and black shoes. Honestly his wardrobe wasn't that bad, he just needed to change it up a bit.
" see you later mom " he kissed on her cheek and walked out the door
" Bye you two, have fun " she winked at me then closed the door.weird.

We walked down his drive and to my silver Acura , when we got in the car the tension was awkward and I mean REALLY fucking awkward. But what did you expect with old bestfriends?

" So.." He said trying to break the silence when I started driving towards the mall.
" So.. Hows your sister?" I said keeping my eyes on the road
" She's good , doing her third year of university..."
" thats cool " i said .

After the conversation died I turned up the music and our favorite song came on from when we were kids. I mentally groaned , the world is a cruel place.

Not chickening out I turned up the volume too rock your body by Justin Timberlake .
I started singing the song under my breath , no matter how many years ago this song was made it would always be one of my favorites.

Justin laughed and turned to look out the window , I turned to look at him
" what?" I raised my eyebrow
" I never thought i'd see the day " Lexi Chappman " was nervous to sing in front of me , he laughed again.
" I am not nervous to sing infront of you , " i rolled my eyes " get a life."
" Yeah? Then why are singing under your breath?"
" Because its my car and i can do whatever the hell I want" i said getting annoyed. Cocky bastard
He shook his head " Just like old times."

And sadly, he was right. I was always nervous to sing infront of him , I have no idea why , I mean it wasn't like he would make fun of me , but his voice was soooo good and smooth and mine was raspy and sounded far to mature for my age. Hearing his voice always awoke a new unfamiliar emotion to me. I quietly sighed when I pulled up at the mall. I could not let this guy just walk in my life and act like he knows me , because he doesn't. I needed to start acting like the Lexi everyone knew at school.; the queen bitch.
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