Confessions: My new Life

Its about a boy who's girlfriend knows more about him than she should because he is sneeky and sneeking around.


1. The Message

My phone rings and I check the caller ID hoping its her again. The phone reads unknown. I'm thinking should

"Should I answer it?" I don't. My phone beeps notifying me I have a text. I check it and it's from her. It reads 'Why didn't you answer? Sorry my phone had died it was my cousin’s phone I called from, but im in the car now so my phone is charging what’s up?' I answer back quick 'nothing just waiting for you to come over.'

There is a long pause in our conversation and my phone beeps again.

'I can't make it tonight, Sorry. My mom is sick and i need to be there for her luv u thoe'

I let my phone drop out my hand saddened. I thought tonight was the night I'd finally get to actually spend time with her.

The next day:

I wake up again to see another day. I’m so joyed that it’s Monday now I can actually see my girlfriend.

            “Liam get down here! Its time for you to get on the bus and go to school!” my mother calls from down stairs. Oh yeah. I’m Liam Ollas; I’m actually only in 10th grade. My girlfriend is a secret from my mom and sister. My sister is actually great friends with Shayla—my girlfriend—so I can’t really be around her while my sister is around. Me and my sister are only 2 months apart in our birth, we where supposed to be twins but something happened and She wasn’t fully developed to be born.

I rush down the stairs and run onto the bus. I take a seat next to Shayla without even noticing.

            “Hey there cutie.” She said to me.

            “I’m taken sorry,” I say without looking I’m trying to pull on my shoes remembering I asked Shayla to wear her matching pair. As I am I notice she has on the same shoes as me. I look up and see its here.

            “Holy crap. I didn’t know you where on this bus Shay. Or on this route to be exact.”

            “Yeah I stayed with my cousin so I could be on the bus with you.” Shayla has pretty deep sea blue eyes, long brown curly hair and she is a perfect caramel brown.


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