Amy Cardinal came home one normal sunny day to her suitcases being packed and at the door. When her parents say " We can't afford to keep you anymore." They disown her and kick her onto the streets with nowhere to go. She meets a boy named Tanner, who helps her to dance. But when she thinks of herself being released, she cries and runs into an alley, whomb she meets a very attractive Zayn. Read for more-->


4. surprised

       Harry's P.O.V.

 Who the heck was Amy on the phone with and why were they swearing? As i was thinking this over in my head she walked out of the washroom wearing all black and yellow.

" why are you wearing all black and yellow "? I said in a questioning voice.

" studio colors" she said while grabing a black and yellow purse.

" can we go im going to be late" she said kind of frustrated.

" sure lets go"I said in a happy voice.

we got in the car and started driving about five minutes into the drive i had to ask her the question it was driving me crazy.

" who were you on the phone with in the bathroom and why were you swearing" isaid to her

" my used to be best friend was just being a total ass whole when i told her that i was staying with you" she said kind of sad.

" oh".

it was quiet the rest of the way there when we got into the parking lot she got out of the car and i told her that i needed to go get some food but i might be back to watch a little bit after she said ok and walked in.



 i went into the change room opened my locker and grabed my tap shoes. i walked into tap and asked Janelle if i could talk to her after. when tap was finished i went and grabed my jazz shoes in jazz my face inpretion was lets just get this over with. when it came to hiphop i went into class and as we were doing are dance i seen Harry appear in the window but as i saw him i was doing a back flip wich i cant land and as soon as Harry appeared i landed it Harrys mouth droped as soon as he seen me doing a back flip.i finished the dance and since i landed my back flip we get a little addience so i went out of class with the other girls and got harry to come in and started doing the dance it was the best time i ever did it as we walked out of class i went and grabed my purse and went to go talk to Janelle i told her what happend with me and my mom and she looked really shocked i said goodbye and went back to harrys house when we got there harry told me to close my eyes so i did as he said and closed my eyes he walked me into the living room and he told me to open my eyes so i did i seen4 other boys siting on the couch and harry took me over there and introduced me.

"why dont we watch a movie" said harry

" sure" i said all happy

" so what do you want to watch Amy ?"

" FRIDAY THE13TH" i said really loud


hey guys what do you think should happen next

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