Amy Cardinal came home one normal sunny day to her suitcases being packed and at the door. When her parents say " We can't afford to keep you anymore." They disown her and kick her onto the streets with nowhere to go. She meets a boy named Tanner, who helps her to dance. But when she thinks of herself being released, she cries and runs into an alley, whomb she meets a very attractive Zayn. Read for more-->


2. Stranger.

                                                              Amy's P.O.V.

I hid my head in between my legs. " Hello, love. Are you ok?" I raised my head slowly and came to see a boy around my age. My heart started racing and my eyes formed tears and my face grew rage and fright. It was a hell of a lot to handle right now, to be kicked out of my own home, to lose my family, my brother as my BBaBSE, nowhere to live, eat, sleep soundly, to be took care of when im sick. Nothing. And now I have a guy in my face who will probably end up killing me. That's just great. It's god damn great.

I ran out of the treehouse and took my suitcases and ran, ran down the street as fast as I could dragging my suitcases along behind me. I cried heavily doing so. I looked back and saw he was too close to run away from. And he then grabbed my wrist and stopped my running. " Love? What's wrong?" " Nothing!" I screamed while trying to let loose of his grip. " I know your hurt. And tell me, now!" He demanded. " Fine! Every single fucking thing in my fucking life! Cuz im screwed! My life is screwed!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. " Why! Tell me, now!" He screamed while tightening his grip on me. "Oh let's see... I came home from school, got kicked out of my house, nowhere to live, eat, sleep, nowhere to be safe! Im lost. Now release me!" He let go of me, but still held my wrist. " Stay with me, love. I'll take care of you." I was scared. Was he a rapist or something? But I have nowhere else to go. So I had no other choice. " S-sure." I studdered.

He let me go and carried my belongings into his hands. " So do you usually do anything after schoo-- Holy shit. I have dance class." I interrupted him, with my eyes coming into his with a stare. " I'll take you. Which kind are you in? Jazz? Tap? Ro-- Hiphop."


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