What happens next?

*Sequel to 'A Fresh Start'*
A short story/diary entry about a girl finding out some unwanted results...


1. Annie

Dear Diary,


Today was the day.


Getting my results from that little test thing.


As you probably remember from before, I had some pains, but the stupid nurse said I couldn’t have the test because I wasn’t old enough.


Stupid woman. What does she know? All I wanted to know was why it hurt!


Mum got quite very angry, as you would expect, and then took me to the hospital to get the test done.


And now, today was the day.


I left Mr Whiskers on my bed when we left. Mum got out the BMW (you know, the one she only gets out for important visits), and we drove off.


I walked towards the front door, as Mum parked the car, and hesitated when I saw that sign.




It mocked me. Taunted me.


I shook my head to get back to reality. As if a little stupid sign could ever do anything to me. I walked in. I had to ask a woman volunteer where Clinic 5 was, and then I managed to find it.


I gave my name in to the reception woman and picked up last year’s copy of Vogue before I sat down. Mum took a blinking long while parking the car!


Waiting, reading, waiting, reading a text, waiting, waiting, waiting. It seemed to take forever!


A woman with her husband sat near me and she wanted to read the Vogue.


Poor woman. You could tell she was wearing a wig.


That’s what happens isn’t it?


If the results…if it’s a yes…I’ll lose all my hair?!?!


Oh God! I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want to lose my hair. My hair’s amazing! (If I do say so myself.)


Mum finally made it, and sat next to me, telling me how she had an argument in the car park because a stupid man stole her parking place.


LOL! Would’ve loved to have seen that!


Anyway, the woman near me, Mrs. Peterson, (I’d say I’m psychic, but the nurse called out her name) got called. I hope she’s ok. Hope it’s not anything too serious.


About half an hour later, and I was called in. Dum dum duumm!


A woman doctor sat me down, with my Mum next to me, to make sure of a few details. She asked my name and age, how long I’d had the pains for, and then she started talking about how unusual it was for a girl of my age (I’m only 20! I’m not that young!), to have that test. My Mum said she just wanted to be sure.


She looked at her computer, clicking at things.


I tightened my grip in my Mum’s hand (she didn’t like that too much, since I hurt her), and held my reath.


“Well Miss Daniels…” She started

Oh for goodness sake!” I thought, “Just say it already!

“I’m sorry to say, it looks like you have a tumour in your ovaries…” She said calmly.


I just stared, open-mouthed.


“What?” My Mum asked.

“I’m so sorry. It seems you have ovarian cancer…” She frowned.


Mum let out a big sigh, “Oh God!”


I just cried.


It was the worst day of my life.


“What happens next?” Mum looked at the doctor, looking for answers.


I don’t remember much else from that say, it’s just too much of a blur.


All I kept thinking was:


Oh God!


Please, no!


What happens next?



Am I going to die???





Talk to you later,




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