Luce was an average girl with an average life. She lived with her aunt because her parents died and never truley got over what happened. What happens when one day she bumps into someone she wont forget. will he help her to love again or will he break her further.



Luces POV

I kicked the leaves with my feet until i reached a drab,old structure that stood in the middle of the woods near where i had met Nial. It wasnt much but it was my school and i only had to endure it for one more year.

I entered the building with my hood slung ontop of my head. i was mess but i didnt really care anymore, i mean its not like im going to be here for much longer anyway. As i made my way down the crowded corridors i could hear a sweet voice from around the corner and realised it can only be one person. Ella was surrounded by a swarm of girls, some of which i like and others i was nice to but never actually got on with them. Ella was always my bestfriend but she was not always nice especially on days like today.

"hey Ella" i said shyly and silently cower behind Lucy one of her followers

"Oh its you, i thought we agreed that we dont speak to each other on pankcake day, or are you that brainless that you forgot a simple promise like that", all the other girls stood there snigering. Urg i thought that today was going to be the worst day of the year.

Maths is my favourite lesson, everyone thinks im weird for liking it but i find it so beautiful to learn because maths is the only subject which is taught the same all through the world. I slip into my seat as Mrs Packter starts taking the register.

" Annibella are you here"  Annabella answered in a tired voice, "okay now Hari-" suddenly the door swings open and in strolls the most beautiful boy i had ever layed eyes on, he had dazzling blue eys which made your heart skip a beat and gorgouse blonde hair which ....... Wait DA jA VOUS i was describing the exact same boy i had seen this morning. Nial was in my school. And for some strange reason he wouldnt stop staring at me. God i hated this boy , however i was also so drawn to him at the same time.

Nials P O V

I was so excited to start my last year of school, i was the only one out of the boys that actually wanted to head back into the hell hole i call school. Secretly i loved school i loved to learn all new things and make new friends, however i dont think anyone will want to be my friend, well because im famouse they will probably try to use me just lke everyone else has. I sigh an head to my first lesson which was maths with Mrs Packter, great i loved maths i dont know why but there was just something about it that i loved.

As i quickly looked myself over in the reflecion over my phone i swiflty put my phone in my back pocket and open the door. As soon as i stepped into the classroom i heard everyone gasp because i was famouse, everyone gasped but one. Luce, i cant believe i never asked her if she goes here but now i know i am going to try everything in my power to make her mine. I had never felt like this and i needed to know more about her but i knew it was going to be hard because i could tell she didnt like me very well. I almost didnt realise i had been staring at her for well over a minuete, i was only snapped out of my daydream when i heard a loud cough come from behind me. Mrs Packter gave me a shy smile and gave gestures with her hands to show me the classroom. "pick any seat you want Nial its your choice since your famouse an all" i rolled my eyes at her comment and then smiled as soon as i reaslise i could sit anywhere!! of course i was going to sit next to Luce.

" i want to sit next to.." i didnt want people to think i knew Luce so instead of saying her name i said "i want to sit next to that utterly sexy girl with the fine ass hair" i said with a smirk i could tell she was embarrased so i winked at her playfully. She turned her head to face in the other direction and i couldnt help think how sweet and beautiful she looked when she was embarrased. i love her. Wait no i dont i mean i like her ye i like her not love her. God Nial.

i hope one day she will love me as much as i love her though.

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