Luce was an average girl with an average life. She lived with her aunt because her parents died and never truley got over what happened. What happens when one day she bumps into someone she wont forget. will he help her to love again or will he break her further.


4. show me


Just as i was about to fall asleep the bell rang indicating the end of the period, everyone got up and left the classroom including Luce. I had to cath her up. As i left the classroom i searched for the petite dirty blonde godess but she was nowhere.

i had been looking for her for about 10 minuetes when i bumped into something and fell on the floor. As i looked up i noticed i had knocked down a girl, she was cute with long curly brown hair and greeny grey eyes "sorry love" i said as i helped her up off the floor.

"its fine, but can i ask why you were in such a rush" the girl looked at me with a look of confusion written on her face.

"oh hahha ye um im looking for a girl... uh do you know her luce"

" or Luce hale" she questioned. I didnt know her last name.Crap.

"i dont know which Luce has dirty blonde hair and a killer smile" i proclaimed proudly. She looked at me and laughed.

"yep thats Luce Green i was just going to meet her right now, why dont you come with me?


"Lexi my names Lexi" she smiled and i shook her hand.

"hi Lexi nice to meet you, im Nial but i guess you already knew that" i said rather cocky but hey im famouse

"oh ye hi Nial ye ive heard of you but me and Luce arnt fans, infact she hates your guts.... sorry didnt mean it like that" Wow she hates me great im going to have to work harder to get her to like me.Great.

"soo... how to you know luce" i asked Lexi to stop an awkward silence as she led me to Luce

"oh we are best friends, well shes mine at least her best friend is an bitch, she doesnt talk to Luce on pancake day just because her parents died doesnt mean Ella should ignore her all day." Lexi was ranting on about Luces dead parents. i just walked in shock, how could people do that to someone so beautiful and the reason the school didnt speak to her was because they think Luce is unlucky on pancake day; she might kill someone or she might die. How stupid is that.

Finally we made it to the libary where Luce was and once the door were swung open i could finnally see Gods perfect creation. Luce.

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