Luce was an average girl with an average life. She lived with her aunt because her parents died and never truley got over what happened. What happens when one day she bumps into someone she wont forget. will he help her to love again or will he break her further.


3. hating loving you

As Mrs Packter was teaching something about equation I was whatching Luce, the way her mouth was slightly gaped as she breath and the way her brow furrowed as she was listening to every word the teacher spoke. Her hair was a little frizzy, however she was utterly breath taking. I could tell she knew i was staring because she started get restless in her seat. Finally she turned her head to me and gave me a death glare indicating for me to turn away from her. I couldnt help giggle as i truned becak to face the front.

Just as i was about to fall asleep

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