Luce was an average girl with an average life. She lived with her aunt because her parents died and never truley got over what happened. What happens when one day she bumps into someone she wont forget. will he help her to love again or will he break her further.


1. bright and early


As i rubbed my eyes open i slowly picked myself out of bed and crawled downstairs where, the most pleasant smelled filed my nostrals. Pancake day!!!! great another agonising day pretending to be happy when all i could think about was how pancake day was the day my family died. i never complain living on my own because i am 18 i am old enough to care for myself but i still missed my mums hugs and the way she always smelt of cranberries and vannilla. Some people say i looked exactly like her with my dirty blond hair that fell perfectly down my back and my dazzling chesnut eyes which mimicked hers precisly. i know im pretty because i can get any guy i want with the click of my finger but i dont feel pretty i never do, no boy loves me they just use me and then throw me away in a big pile called SLUTS ONLY ! All i have is my auntie who comes round everyday for breakfast and my bestfriend Lexi who is down right gorgouse with her Sholder length auburn hair, which make all the boys swoon and her blue eyes that could seduce you with one look. She was an angel.

As soon as my legs had carried me to the kitchen i saw my auntie standing there in her apron making me pankcakes with golden syrup. My mouth started to water and i could feel my hand slowly yet eagerly take one, as soon as it touch the tip of my toungue my taste buds where on fire, not because of the sweet goodness that was slowly makeing its way down my throat but because i realise i had to face school today and i really dreaded it. I was quite popular and never got bullied but everyone acted differnt to me on pancake day and i knew it was because of my parents but i didnt understand why noone would speak to me let alone sit next to me.


I kissed my Auntie on the cheek and headed out the door and started my journey to school.

I plugged my earphones in and played i would buy one direction, i liked there music but hated them they annoyed me so much i always thought what i would say to them if i saw them " hey your music rocks but you suck" ahaha i laughed to myslef but didnt realised that i actually laughed out loud. I heard a cough from behind me then as i slowed my walking and turned round i see the most beautiful boy ive ever layed eyes on, he had blonde styled hair which showed of his dazzling blue eyes which made my legs shake. i was lost in his eyes and was only pulled out when he spoke " Hey you dropped a picture back there" in his hand he held a picture of me and my mum and dad. A tear pricked my eye and slowly made its desent down  my cheek " hey are you okay why are you crying"  his thick irish accent made me weak. "oh um nothing thankyou so much" i gently took back my picture and started to walk again when i heard his voice call from behind " hey wait a miniute you dont know who i am do you" he stared and me confused. Suddenly it hit me i was speaking to Nial Horan from one direction, wow he is so much different than i was expecting him to be, i had known him for what 3 minuetes and i was falling hard for him the way his eyebrows furrow when he is confused and the way his hair is perfectly swept acrross his face covering his eyes. He was breathtaking. i had to act casual i mean its not as if i was even a fan of them or anything so i knew i wasnt going to start fangirling. " um ye your Nial Horan so what you sing a few songs and make money woohoo your a hero"i said with a sarcastic tone to my voice.  and with that i walked away smiling to myself.

Nials P.O.V

Wait she didnt act all crazy when she looked at me. Maybe she doesnt know who i am, but how? i mean everyone knows who i am. Right? i quickened my pace to catch up with her " hey wait a minuete you dont know who i am do you?" for some strange reason this angered me i mean everyone went crazy over me so why didnt she. I really wanted her to know who i am just as much as i wanted to know who she was, she was beautiful and i felt myself falling for her fast. As soon as i saw her in the picture my eyes were always glued to her lips just the way they curved into the perfect smile. Oh god i bet they were so soft and kissable. Wait stop! you dont know her yet maybe get to know her better before you make a move, yo never no she could be the one. I was snapped out of my daydream when she said " um ye your nial Horan so what you sing a few songs and make money woohoo your a hero" with that she turned and walked of leaving me standing there speachless. Noone had ever spoken to me before but for some reason it just made me even more attracted to her. I need to know more about her. She will be mine.

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