Turn Back Time

Isabella moved from Mullingar to Florida at the age of 12, after the horrific death of her mother, leaving her childhood best friend behind. When fate forces her to return to England; who will be waiting for her? But when more than one boy falls head over heels for Isabella, how will she choose? And what terrible consquences await?..... <3


1. Princess

Isabella's POV:


I quickly spun around, a thick cascade of black curls blowing through the wind. "Who's there?" I whispered, my voice trembling partly due to the ice cold wind thrashing against my tanned skin, and the pure fear caught in my throat.

"It's okay, it's only me" said a soft, Irish voice. Niall. Suddenly, blackness caved in all around me.

Nialls's POV:

I was walking through the forest on a frosty day, wanting to get away from all the fame, chaos, and especially the screaming voice inside me head, calling for my Isabella.

Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared in the distance, her curls tumbling effortlessly down her white gilet. It was her. Isabella. She quickly turned around, and the moment she saw me her eyes grew as large as basketballs, her shimmering pout turned into a gaping hole in her face. "It's okay, it's only me" I said, chuckling. Shortly afterwards, she dropped to the ground, and the grin on my face dissapeared instantly. I grabbed my phone, and quickly dialled Harry. He picked up after 3 rings. "Heya Niall, where are you?" said that all to familiar British accent. "Yeah, but this girl just passed out next to me, and it's freezing out here", I quickly stated, no time could be wasted. "Alright mate, i'm coming", said Harry.

Isabella's POV:

My eye lids slowly opened to see a familiar face, with dazzling blue eyes the colour of the sea after a storm and a mess of blond hair. Stood next to him was a stunning boy, with brown hair and eyes like a grassy meadow, i could almost imagine myself kissing his soft, tender lips..STOP IT ISABELLA."You alright, love?" said Niall. My heart fluttered at the mention of love, but then i scolded myself, remember what happened last time. I nodded my head, even though my stomach was aching like hell. The look on my face must have shown it. Niall muttered something to Harry, then Harry laughed quietly, even though the look on his face showed hurt. "It's been a long time Niall" I sighed. Then, the most unepected thing happed to me, Niall winked, and i was drowned by past memories.....




"Isabella, time to leave" shouted my father. I sighed, why did good things always have to end? Tears streamed out of my blue eyes as Niall approached me slowly, as if trying to pet an injured kitten. "It's alright love, i'm sure we'll see each other soon" whispered Harry, his melodic voice music to my ears. "Niall, stop being to optimistic, i'm moving to America for heavens sake, not next door" I furiously whispered. How i wish i had the courage to tell Niall my feeling for him, but there was no point now, everything was hopeless. Niall began to say something to me, his eyes brimming with tears, but my father shouted up to me. "Isabella, please hurry or we'll miss the flight" shouted my father. He was never the same after my mother died, part of him left with her too, he was always shouting and having sudden outburts-i was fed up with all this. "Bye Niall, I hope we meet again, your my best friend and i love you to pieces" i said, putting alll my emotions into the word 'love', but i knew he would only accept it in a friendly way. "I'll miss you so much Issy, my life is going to change when your not around"said Niall. If only he knew how right he was...



*Flashback over*

Harry's POV:

As soon as i recieved the call from Niall, i dashed to my ferrari and drove staight to the woods. I suddenly came to a halt when i saw a beautiful girl lying on the ground, with Harry holding her hand. "Over here mate" shouted Niall. I slammed the door of the car shut and sped over to Niall. Up close, the girl was even more beautifu than i could imagine. Her soft black hair fell framed her shining face perfectly, her cherry pink lips formed a perfect 'o' and her eyelids were shut. "What happened?" i asked, curious and a little bit jealous of how Niall had got himself into this situation. "Well.... we were childhood bestfriends and i loved her to bits, but then her mother died in a terrible accident, and Issy moved to America with her father. I never thought i'd see her again up untill now" he whispered. Then slowly, her eyes fluttered open. I could almost swim in the deep chocolate rivers flowing through her eyes. Niall leaned in towards her and asked if she was okay, but the look on her face was the opposite to her answer. Niall then walked towards me and whispered "She's mine", I just laughed. Niall never  gets the girls, but this time i get the feeling it's going to be a little different. Because i think he's found his princess.

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