The Christmas Party

I Go To My Families Yearly Christmas Party And My Uncle Hires One Direction To Preform And I Didnt Find Out Until I Got There . You Wont Believe What Happens Next.


2. Getting Ready.

I Was Getting Ready For My Hispanic Families Christmas Party. I Always Look At All Of Them Everyone In My Family Has Dark Hair And Brown Eyes Except Me And My Dads Side Of The Family, And My Parents Are Split Up Soooo Yeah. I Curled My Long Blonde Hair And Looked For Something To Wear I Decided On My Black Skinny Jeans Dark Grey Ugs And My Baby Blue Blouse. I Got Dressed And Put On My Minimal Make Up Eyeliner Mascara And Eye Shadow. I Walked To My Bedside Table Grabbed My Hand Bag Threw My IPhone Keys And Lipgloss In It And Walked Out To My Brand New Jeep I Got For Graduation. I Was Driving To My Tia ( Aunt ) Nancys House And I Put My One Direction Take Me Home Album On Replay. I Recieved A Text From The Contact : Ari The Bestest Cousin Everr!! <33 It Read : Your Gunna Luv The Surprise We All Got You, I Bet You'll Cry. Xxxxxx -Arielleee!<3 I Responded : Lmao . Ummm Should I Be Scared ? Xx -Payy!<3 I Never Got A Response. I Pulled Into The DriveWay And Walked In The House. First Was The People In The Kitchen Tia Myrna Tia Nancy And Arielle I Hugged And Kissed Them All And Went To See My Baby Cousins In The Bedroom I Picked Him Up And He Said " PayPay! You Gun Wuv Da Pwesent We Dot You. And Yo Mommy Says Doe OutSide." I Giggled And Kissed Him And Walked Outside. I Heard One Direction Playing So I Figured They Got Me The CD And I Clapped To My Self. I Walked In The Backyard And Saw Them Infront Of The Fireplace. It Was One Direction In The Flesh. I Dropped To My Knees And Started Crying. Everyone Looked At Me And Smiled. Liam Asked " You Want Some Help Up Love?" He Extended Me His Hand And I Grabbed It Feeling Shakey I Held Onto The Fireplace I Screamed " You Guys Are The Best Mom Aunties Everyone OMG!!" They All Laughed And Louis Goes " Do You Like Carrots?" I Giggled And Said " Yes, They re..--" Liam Interupted Saying " You . Your Um Gorgeous." I Smiled Looking Around. My Mom Said "Everyone Inside Let Her Get Alone Time With Her 'Husbands'" I Smiled And Everyone But Me And Them Left I Was Feeling Woozy And The Next Thing I Remember Was Waking Up Laying On The Ground With All Of One Direction Over Me. I Asked Woozily "What Happened?" Liam Filled Me In Then Helped Me Up I Could Tell This Night Would Be The Best Night Ever!

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