The Frequency of Life

A poem about the invisible thread that connects us all - a high pitched sound that resonates throughout the entire universe, reaching back through time and stretching forward to guide us towards the light of creation...


1. The Frequency of Life

Feel the tingle run up your spine,
The vision we see, that image, yours and mine,
Awakening something we've always known,
An inner belief that we're not alone,

So much that is hidden we should reveal,
A world to reach for and discover the feel,
The murmur of sounds others choose not to hear,
A distance so vast and yet completely near,

Open the way to the truth of colour and light,
Vibrate to a wavelength that will shock and delight,
Dimensions of time become our defining lifeline,
Frequencies to link and connect the inner mind.

Turn me up, spin me round, move me to the core,
Within the sparkling soul there is so much more,
In tune with the greater strength from which we came,
Once touched, you'll never be the same,

Listen for the sound within your inner ear,
A chord of such resonanace, so beautifully clear,
Always there in the silence, stretching across time,
Connecting us all together the gentleness sublime,

Expand the psyche, enrich the soul,
Absorb the energy, unravel the scroll.
Embrace the thoughts of the greatest minds,
There is no darkness where the enlightened shine.
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