Another Wish

two girls Jazy and Nicole,both in the teens as Jazy being 13 and Nicole 14 discover a wishing fountain they did NOT know they had in the city of Luigiocal where they lived finding the fountain was a lot but then soon realizing it has magical powers!


1. 1

I woke up to the sound of my brother screaming, Jazy!, Jazy!, wake up Jazy! OKAY! I screamed with anger "what day is it?" I asked as I walked to the kitchen with my brother November 7th! oh my god I forgot mom's birthday I rushed towards the phone and went to contacts and called "MOM" I said "happy birthday!" and  I then ended up having a 2 hour  talk with my mom, I then grabbed my shoes, changed, and then ate breakfast, I then brushed my brother's curly brunette hair out of his eyes, after that I brushed my straight blonde hair, I then tossed my brother in the car and yelled at Pa to come and drop us of at school

                                                 By: MckenzieHoran

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