Who are you guys?

When Zayn Malik dates a beautiful girl,Zoey Anderson.They go on their first date.Things got really messy,they were FIGHTING.......Zayn bumped him head really hard on the ground.He loss his memory.When Niall,Liam,Louis,And Harry take him to the past to gain his memory,he gets back him memory? or not......


1. Our First Date

Zayn And Zoey are going on their first date tonight.When Zayn got there to meet Zoey,she saw Zoey with another guy.Zayn got pretty mad,and he said to Zoey "I will give you one more chance,Zoey".Zayn went to the mens' room to take a pee.When he came back he saw that same guy with Zoey before he went to the mens' room. "Hey dude,why are you with my girl,Zoey?"Zayn Said In A Really Mean Voice. "She is my girl,and your her jerk".Things got pretty dirty and they started fighting.The guy's name was Taylor.Zayn slapped Zayn.Before Zayn could do anything to Taylor,Zayn fell on the ground and landed on his head.

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