Dolphin Girl

Melody is a normal 10-year-old girl, until she finds the dolphin, Moonshine, and then her world is turned upside-down with adventure, tragedy and love for a dolphin.


4. Bad News

"Bad news we can't get her to stay still" said the vet

"Oh no let me see her, please." asked Melody

"Fine but be careful she could bite you" the vet said

When she came in the dolphin stopped struggling.

" Interesting, when you are here she is calm but when you are not she is struggling, you may have to come her everyday if that is alright?"asked the sergen

" I was hoping you would say that, I just need to ask my mum." said Melody getting out her phone

Seconds later Melody put her phone away and said "She said yes, she even said I could stay the night if possible."


"That is exelent we will find you a bed right away you can help us help her and you can name her now if you like." the docter said 

" Thank you I would like to name her Moonshine" Melody told them

"What a good name . Now go and get your things you will be here for 3 week tops the docter told Melody.

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