Dolphin Girl

Melody is a normal 10-year-old girl, until she finds the dolphin, Moonshine, and then her world is turned upside-down with adventure, tragedy and love for a dolphin.


1. Discovery

Melody walked along the beach. She was searching the empty beach of Sarasota for colourful shells for her collection. The moonlight bounced off her slightly tanned skin so bright that it was blinding. Her Mum said to home by 8:30. She had moved to Florida from Bristol (England) because of her Dad's job, and she missed all of her friends so much .Just as she was going to go home she heard a squeal from the other side of the beach. She ignored it, bu then it became louder. She looked in the direction it was coming from. She saw a grey splodge in the distance. While running towards the splodge it became more clear and it made the shape of a dolphin. She knelt down beside the dolphin and realised that it had a fishing hook stuck danegerously near it's eye. What was she going to do?

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