Broken Glass

Alexandria Meadows has been through a lot in her short seventeen years on earth. She lost her mom in an house fire and was burned severely because of it. How will Alexandria react when her father tell her that they are moving out of the United States all the way to the United Kingdom? What will happen when she meets a mystery group of boys who always seem to show up when she in trouble?


3. What did I get myself into?


Dad, Johnny and I stand at the luggage carousel waiting for our bags. My head is down slightly making my hair fall into my face I was more on guard then I usually am. This was a new country and I didn't know how they'd they feel about having a freak in their country. Anytime someone gets to close I shuffle into my brother. I can feel their eyes on me but I try to ignore them until they walk away. “Alex, they aren't going to hurt you.” Johnny whispers down at me but I ignore him and keep looking for my bags. I see my black and white suitcase come around the corner and I begin to walk towards it. I wanted to get out of here as soon as I could. I hated being around so many people that I didn't know. I make sure to keep my hair in front of my face as I reach for my bag. At the same time I'm reaching for my bag another person is reaching for theirs. I try to pull back but it was to late. We knock right into each other. Some of my hair falls off my face showing some of the burns the go down the right side of my face. The person wraps his arms around making sure I don't fall. “Oh, I'm so sorry, love. I wasn't paying attention.” His smooth British accent washes over me and when he lets go I hesitate before I take a few steps back. Forgetting all about my hair. “It's okay. I should have been a little more careful..” I look up at him and see his beautiful green eyes widen. I instantly put my head back down letting my hair fall back into place.


“I'm sorry.. I really must go..” I turn around and walk quickly towards my brother and father. “I need air.. Can you get my black and white suitcase please?” I don't wait for either of them to answer as I walk as fast as I can towards the next exit. I know people might think it's stupid to run away and hide but that's the only thing I know how to do. As I walk out of the sliding glass doors I don't stop. I walk down the sidewalk in front of the airport not slowing down. I had no clue where I was going but I wanted to be anywhere but here. I don't even know why I was freaking out so much. I doubt I'd ever see that curly haired, green eyed boy again but he saw. He saw the thing that made me feel like a freak. That makes me feel like I don't belong. That makes me feel..ugly.


After what feels like forever, I stop walking and look around. The airport was no where in sight. I look up at the building and a large clock tower, Big Ben. I must have been walking awful fast, and because of that I was lost in a foreign country. I lower my head again making sure my hair was in my face, covering my burns, as I turn around and start walking the way I think I came from. I could feel many eyes on me as I walked down the street. I didn't belong here and everyone could tell. I needed to ask someone for directions. I was so lost in a city that I've never been in and all I wanted to do was go home. Back to America. I walk up to a group of guys. There are five of them. One of them at least has to know where the airport is. “Excuse me.. Can you give me directions to the airport?” My voice comes out very small. Only a little bit louder then a whisper. The man turns around and I recognize him right away. It was the boy from the airport. He doesn't look down at me right away. “Yeah, walk about seven blocks down and then turn right. It should be about 3 blocks from there and on the ri-... Hey, you're the girl that I saw at the airport.” The boy is now looking down at me and his friends stop talking behind him.


I keep looking up at him but then slightly shake my head putting my head down. “I think you have the wrong person.. Thank you.” I turn to walk away but he puts his hand on my shoulder. I instantly pull away. “No.. You're the girl..” He clears his throat. “We could give you a ride if you'd like. It's quite a long walk. Also when it's getting dark.” I start to shake my head but I can feel my body getting weaker. I wouldn't make it back to the airport. “I-i..”I close my mouth, biting my lip slightly. I always do this when I'm nervous. “Okay..” The green eyed boy smiles. “Well, maybe we should introduce ourselves!” He points to himself. “My names Harry. Harry Styles.” He then points to the blond haired boy with blue eyes. “This Is Niall.” The boy smiles and waves slightly. A brown haired boy with blue eyes steps forward. “I can introduce myself Hazza. I'm not two. Hi, love. My name is Louis. Louis Tomlinson. But you can call me Lou, or BooBear.” He smiles and then takes a step back. I can't help but smile slightly. BooBear? Not very many boys would go around saying you could call him BooBear. Harry rolls his eyes slightly pointing at the other brown haired boy who had brown eyes. “This is Liam. And then that is Zayn.” he says pointing at the black haired boy with brown eyes. They both wave slightly smiling. “And you are..?” Harry says looking back at me. I hesitate slightly before saying “I'm Alexandria.”


The boys all smile again and Louis speaks up “Alexandria, what a pretty name. Now we better get a move on boys and girl. We do have school tomorrow.” Harry smiles at me once more before he walks past me towards a van parked on the side of the road. “I call shotgun!” Louis yells from behind everyone before he run to the van and gets in. Man, he had a loud voice.

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