Broken Glass

Alexandria Meadows has been through a lot in her short seventeen years on earth. She lost her mom in an house fire and was burned severely because of it. How will Alexandria react when her father tell her that they are moving out of the United States all the way to the United Kingdom? What will happen when she meets a mystery group of boys who always seem to show up when she in trouble?


2. Nothing will ever be the same.


When my father pulls the old jeep into the the airport parking lot my stomach drops. Everything’s finally sinking in. I was never going to see any of this again. Never going to see this crappy old Jeep, the house that my brother and I grew up in, my favorite teacher, all the kids that were so mean to me but knew I was there , my best friend, Jason. All of that was gone. I was going to be a nobody. I was going to be that new girl with the burns on her face. My brother taps on my window making me jump out of my skin. I was lost in my mind, again. “Are you coming or what?” I unbuckle my seat belt and get out of the Jeep. “Dad... I don't want to go.. can't we just stay here?” I blurt out. My father looks over at me as he's taking the last suit case out of the trunk. “Alex, I wish we could but I've explained this to you. I got a better job offer over there and I have to take it. If I didn't take it we'd lose everything.” He shuts the trunk walking towards me. “ I know you're scared. We all are but we have to do this. We can't let you mom watch us suffer from heaven now can we?” I shake my head slightly. “I guess you're right..” He pulls me into a hug and I wrap my arms around him. “Now why don't we go get through security.” My dad lets me go taking a step back. Grabbing two of the bags and starts heading towards the entrance of what seems like the rest of my life.


*7 Hours Later*

The flight was so long that I was so happy when one of the flight attendants goes over the intercom saying that we were about thirty-five minutes outside of London. A smile spreads across my face as I shake Johnny, who fell asleep about half way through the flight. He whips his eyes blinking at me a few times. “What? I was having a very nice dream and you just had to go and ruin it didn't you? God I hate little sisters.” I roll my eyes “Stop being so grumpy. We're about thirty-five minutes outside of London. Just though I'd wake you so you could make yourself look decent. By the way, I L-O-V-E the new hair style.” Johnny pushes my arm slightly patting his hair down. “Don't be a smart- A-S-S.” I shrug my shoulders smiling slightly, looking back out the window. “You should be used to it by now.” He pokes the back of my head. “I'm supposed to be the smart-” He looks over at our dad making sure he's still asleep. “ass here so I'm not used to it.”I laugh slightly shaking my head. “Wake dad and tell him the news, will ya?”


As Johnny wakes up dad, I zone the world out. Johnny was about to be twenty-one but he acted like he's two at times. After mom died his life almost stopped. Johnny lost all of his friends and for awhile stopped going to school all together. He wouldn't even leave the house to do anything. He used to tell my dad that it wasn't worth it. That he wanted to stop his life because mom couldn't live hers. That he wanted to be with her and not down on Earth with everyone else. It was a very dark time after mom's death. I was in the hospital for months and my brother tried to kill himself many times. Dad told me the only reason he's still here today was because he brought up me. He told my brother to think how it would be on me. Losing my mom, grandmother, and my brother at such a young age would screw me up more then I already was going to be. Ever since then Johnny has been super protective of me. He's even beat up a boy who kept calling me really rude names and telling me that my mother was going to burn in hell for giving birth to such an ugly child.


I jump slightly when you feel someone touch my back. “God kid why are you so jumpy today?” Johnny says laughing. “Put your seat all the way up and buckle your seat belt. We're about to land.” I stick my tongue out at him before I put my seat up and buckle myself in. I was so excited but nervous at the same time.

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