Broken Glass

Alexandria Meadows has been through a lot in her short seventeen years on earth. She lost her mom in an house fire and was burned severely because of it. How will Alexandria react when her father tell her that they are moving out of the United States all the way to the United Kingdom? What will happen when she meets a mystery group of boys who always seem to show up when she in trouble?


4. Am I still Beautiful?



Zayn and Niall climb into the van first. They go into the back seats of the van and sit down pushing each others at the arms and laughing. I watch them for a moment smiling. My brother and I used to do that all the time when our mom was still alive. After her death, we barely ever touched. I stand there watching the boys for a moment more before I hear “You can go in next, Alexandria.” Liam says smiling at me and making a hand jester to the seat on the other side of the van. “Thank you.” I mumble taking my eyes off the two boys ,that were still pushing each other in the back, before climbing in. I move my hair out of my face ever so slightly so I could see if there was anything that I might trip over on the floor. I mean, there are five guys in this van. Anything could happen. I sit down buckling myself in. I move my hair back into place lowering my head to look at my black TOMS. I can hear Liam get into the van behind me and shut the door.


“Here we go.” Liam buckles his seat belt and tightens it around his body. I watch him out of the corner of my eye. All of the boys move with such grace. They're so confident. Not scared of anything. They don't have to hide like I do. Liam looks over at me and smiles “So Alexandria, where are you from? I can tell you don't have a British accent. It sound American.” I swallow as my stomach knots up. I was hoping for a silent ride. The only sound would be coming for the radio. Guess that was to much to ask for. “I'm from Michigan. We just moved over here because my dad got a new job..” I look down at my hands. My fingers and intertwined and are shaking ever so slightly. I was scared. Being so close to guys like this was dangerous. Also when one has already see my burns.


“Alexandria..?” A smooth Irish accent washes over me.“Y-yes?” I hear one of the boys swallow before the same voice says, “I know you might not want to answer but I was just wondering...” Niall shifts in his seat. “Uh.. Why do you keep your hair in front of your face? I mean, I bet you're beautiful so why hide?” My body stiffens and my eyes open widely. Niall just asked that question I dreaded more then moving. I can hear someone hit Niall, hard. “You don't have to answer that, love. Niall didn't mean anything from it he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.” I know right away that, that was Zayn. “I'm sorry..” Niall says ever so quietly. We all sit in the awkward silence for a few minutes. I bite my bottom lip and let out a breath. My voice comes out in a whisper.


“Don't be sorry, Niall... I'll tell you but.. just don't look at me differentially.” I can feel everyone’s eyes on me now, they were burning hole through my body. Well everyone other then Harry's, his were on the road. “Um.. When I was seven I was in a house fire.. I.. I was burned severely all over my body. On my face, neck, arms, legs, torso... I cover my face because I hate when people stare at me. I've tried make-up, and everything else but none of it works. I'm just afraid to be judged.. To be unwanted..” A tear falls down my face as I bite my lip again trying to fight back the sob that was trying to escape my mouth. I hated explaining this to people. I only have once or twice but those times were more then enough.


I hear Harry clear his throat. “Alexandria, even with them you're still beautiful. I only saw half of your face in the airport but you were the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You survived that fire for a reason. So don't hide.” I look up at Harry and he looks back at me before he eyes travel back to the road. “Don't lie.. I look like something straight of a horror movie..” He shakes his head. “Why would I lie about something like this? If the other lads would of seen.. I bet they would of agree with me..” This angers me. I know it's something really stupid to get made at but why would he continue to lie? When I got out of the hospital and went back to school everyone just... stared. No one came close to me. I lost all my friends but Jason. People would come up at me saying that I was a freak, or unwanted. Every night I used to come home, lock myself in my room , and cry until I thought I couldn't cry anymore.


“Fine..” In one swift movement, I take my right hand and flip the hair ,in my face, over my head. It wasn't completely dark out yet so they can still see the burns. The burns don't take up my whole face but it takes up a lot of it. The whole right side of my face is completely covered in them. They continue down onto my neck. On my left the burns stop right below my eye. Harry only saw the left side of my face... I look around at all of the boys as I see their eyes widen slightly. I knew what I looked like to them. Like a monster. A freak. Someone who should hide in a cave and never come out. I look at Harry last catching his eyes. “Am I still beautiful?” Harry's expression doesn't changed. He looks me right in the eye and say's “Yes.” He only said one word but I knew he wasn't lying..

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