Broken Glass

Alexandria Meadows has been through a lot in her short seventeen years on earth. She lost her mom in an house fire and was burned severely because of it. How will Alexandria react when her father tell her that they are moving out of the United States all the way to the United Kingdom? What will happen when she meets a mystery group of boys who always seem to show up when she in trouble?


1. In the Beginning.


I've always dreaded moving. Packing, unpacking, new schools, no friends, even though that was nothing new. It was all stupid and pointless in my book. Why move when you could just stay in a house that you have so many memories in? That you grew up in. It was a huge shock when my father told my older brother, Johnny, and I that we were moving. I have to admit, it wouldn't of been that bad if we were moving down the street or even out of the state , but we weren't even doing that. We were moving out of the county and over seas. All the way to the United Kingdom. We were moving to England. A place that I didn't know anyone at. A place where I'd just be “the new kid” or “The girl from America.”


I sigh standing in the middle of my now empty room. I can still see the marker on my wall from when I was three and decided it was a good idea to make my parents a drawling. My mom got so mad and had me help her scrub the wall. I didn't help her though. Instead, I sat on the floor and balled my eyes out because I didn't like being in trouble. I smile remembering how my mom picked me up and hugged me close telling me she wasn't mad. That the next time I needed to ask her for paper and not drawl on the wall. There was never a 'next time' though.“Alexandria! It's time to go!” I hear my father yell the words I have been dreading. “I'm coming!” I take one last look around my now old room before I turn around and walk out shutting the door softly behind me. I grab my last bag that I set outside my room before I got lost in my mind. I head down the stairs slowly knowing that is will be the last time. “Are you ready. Alex?” I look up the stairs one last time before I walk down them the rest of the way. I look over at my dad trying to smile. “ As ready as I'll ever be..”


As I walk out of the house for the last time I lower my head letting my hair fall into my face. “I don't understand why you always cover you face, Alex. You're beautiful even with the burns..” Johnny says somewhere behind me. When I was seven I was in a house fire. My mom and dad got into a huge fight so my mom took my brother and I over to my grandmothers house. They still don't know how the fire started but my mom and grandmother didn't get out and I was burner severely all over my body. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my brother who was ten at the time. He found me curled up in the corner of the room almost naked. The fire had burned through my clothes giving me third degree burns. I was lucky they taught us “stop, drop, and roll” in school the year before. “Johnny, I don't like people staring at me. It makes me feel like a freak. You should know this by now.” I know Johnny rolled his eyes when I said this. He always does. “Eff them. They're the only freaks I see.” I chuckle slightly shaking my head. My brother was burned that night but not as bad as I was. The burns are only on his hands and part of his right arm. He wouldn't of been burned at all if he wouldn't of went back in after me.


I walk down the walkway slowly my smile fading from my face. This was the last time I'd walk on the ground that my mother had. The last time I'd see the house that she took so much pride in. Always putting up decorations no matter what holiday it was. “I'm going to miss this place.” I say trying to fight of the tears that threaten to spill over. “We all are.” My brother puts a hand on my shoulder squeezing slightly. “Well, we better get out of here. Don't want to miss the plane.” I nod my head slightly walking over to our old jeep and getting in. We couldn't take very much with us. Baggage was to expensive. We sold everything in the house that were weren’t taking with us. Including some of my mom's things. Her favorite china, her chair, most of her clothes.. It hurt to see it all go but it had too. My father get into the drivers seat starting the old jeep. No one says a word as we back out of the drive way that was no longer ours. I whip my eyes and watch the house and we start to pull away, knowing I'll never see it again.

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