One Shots (mainly Larry)

So i tend to want to write One Shots sometimes and i do have a few as well, and there is no better place than movella to put it up on.


2. Soulmates

A/N: And my second, larry as well.

It all started with a simple argue, which ended up being a big one, with yelling and arms flying around in the air and frustrated tears. Now the two boys was sat in each room, they were right beside each other, and the walls was paper thin, Louis was sat on his bed with his feet pulled up under his knees and his chin between them, tears was streaming down his cheeks and he was shaking, of both fear and angriness, the first 10 minutes he could hear harry in the other room throwing things around in the room, he had stopped now, but his music was on full blast, he was angry really angry, and Louis himself, was too, sure he was, but not in the way harry was right now, no Louis was more broken, he didn’t like to get yelled at, and specially not from harry, his harry, his boyfriend.

Louis was rocking backwards and forwards, while he still was crying.

It was just a simple argue at first, about Louis being to opening about being together with haz, he had kept touching him and just pressing small kisses on his neck once in a while, where he pretended to laugh, harry and ended up being mad at Louis, because they had ended up getting the whole thing from their management again, Harry hate getting told by the people there was ment you helping them, that he needed to keep his relationship down with Louis, which ended up making harry so angry at everyone that Louis ended up getting everything on him. In the end harry had just throw his arms frustrated up in the air and yelled “YOU DON’T GET A FUCKING THING DO YOU LOUIS, NO BECAUSE YOU’RE A DUMB LITTLE FAGGOT” it had hit Louis so hard that he slapped Harry and ran to him room crying, Harry had stormed after and smashed the door into his own room.

‘maybe this is over now’ Louis thought and broke down in tears again, he had just ruined Harrys and his day, they had planned to just cuddle up infront of the TV and eating ice cream, because they had the night of and the day after, he had ruined anything. He got up from his position and found his computer, he opened it and it came up on a page he had opened earlier this day, it was on and the search showed soulmate , Louis had wondered in a long time what a soulmate was, but now he knew, and he knew that harry was his soulmate, he just knew. He had wanted to talk to harry about this today, after they came home, he was going to make this day romantic and beautiful for harry, but now he had ruined anything, he missed harry

“A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet — a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them. And when you are not around them, you are all that much more aware of the harshness of life, and how bonding with another person in this way is the most significant and satisfying thing you will experience in your lifetime. You are also all that much aware of the beauty in life, because you have been given a great gift and will always be thankful.” He read, or whispered, every word in that text was true to him. The connection he felt the first time he saw harry at bootcamp, sitting in a corner with a blond haired girl, with his cheeky smile and green hat on hiding his perfect curls, their eyes had meet once for about 5 secounds, and the feeling he had have inside was unreal, he felt like the curly haired boy in the other side of the room had dragged him towards him, without even saying anything, Louis had taken the first step towards harry, to then turn around and walk away, slightly scarded yet amazed, that day they had passed each other many times, each time looking deep into each other eyes. His mother had noticed Louis weird behaviour, she knew from the start that Louis was into harry in a weird way but yet beautiful.

“I HATE YOU” was a yelling from the room beside and Louis pulled the covers over him, it was like a hiding place for him, Harry scared him when he was angry, they way he yelled, they way his eye almost exploded in his head of anger, and his head totally red. But the worst thing was that he did throw are with stuff, ruining anything, and hurting himself. A half hour went, and there was silence from Harrys room, Louis had fallen asleep crying. Both boys where now in each room, Lou sleeping and Harry was on his laptop, he checked his emails

-1 unread email-

From Louis Tomlinson.

Harry let out a groan but opened the email.

Hey I know you’re mad at me, but please read this, I beg you, it’s all true to me but I don’t know with you I just want you to read it.


A half hour later Harry found himself standing in front of Louis door, tears in his eyes and messy hair, Louis had gotten him so overwhelmed, that the only thing the Cheshire boy wanted now was to hold his boyfriend in a close embrace, he hold a shaking hand right over the door handle, he sighed deep and pull the handle slowly down, he opened the door. “lo-Louis” his voice broke of the nerves “can I ermmm co-come in” when he didn’t get a answer he looked in to find the Doncaster boy curled up under their he and she blankets, with his hair all over his face and dried tears on his cheeks, the computer was standing open beside him, he looked so peaceful and yet so broken.

Harry let out and little sigh and smiled weak at his boyfriend.

“I’m sorry” he whispered and walked over to Louis “I’m so so sorry” he pressed a kiss to his forehead and let his hand cup his cheek, he brushed his thumb over his cheek and started humming. Louis woke a bit up and realized Harry sitting beside him, he moved a bit and then crawled onto Harry’s lap, Harry wrapped his arms tight around the other lad and presses his lips against his hair, Louis had laid his head on Harry shoulder and wrapped his arms tight around Harry torso, Harry lets the tears run down his cheeks and down in Louis hair.

That night they felt asleep wrapped into each other arms, with the tears streaming down.


Harry was the first one to wake up, as always, he smiled at his boyfriend laying beside him, he had his arms wrapped tight around harrys blanket and sleeping tight, little out a little sound once in a while.

Harry left the bed carefully and tip toed into the kitchen to make breakfast. He was walking around humming a little melody, with a smile on his face, he stopped to cut a apple “when you say nothing at all” he sang and continued to hummed happily, he felt a pair of strong arms sliding careful and slowly around him, a face rested between his shoulder blades, and a small kisses pressed to his back. “Morning boo bear” he smiled and laid his hands on Louis. “morning babe” the other lad mumbled into harrys back. “what are you making” harry could feel Louis smile growing wider on his back.

“what does it look like” he giggled and turned around in Louis grab, Louis standed up on his toes and pressed a sweet caring kiss onto Harrys lips “looks good” Louis whispered against harrys lips, with a smile on his lips. “im on the couch if you need me” he said smiling and unwrapped his arms from Harrys torso, pecked his lips and left to the living room. The Cheshire boy stands leaned against the kitchen counter looking after his boyfriend smiling wide, he moves and walks into the living room. “Hey boo” he says and leans over the sofa back to look down at his boyfriend, he is getting met by a wide smiling face. “hey beautiful” he says and grabs harrys shirt and pulls him down onto the couch.

“you know, I read that soulmate thing yesterday” he starts wrapping his arms tight around his smaller boyfriend, and pulls him onto his lap “and well, I got quite overwhelmed, it wasn’t like you, I was overwhelmed because you have thought about it and you wanted me to see it, and I read it, i-I” harry pressed his lip on the top of Louis hair “I think, I believe in having a soulmate, and now I believe that I’ve found mine, I believe that I have found you and you’re my soulmate, because nothing can stop me from loving you, I always have, I do now, and I always will, no matter what will happen, I’ll always love you”

Louis eyes got filled up with tears, and a single one runs down him cheek, but harry captures it with his lips and kisses it gone “haz” he looks seriously at harry and he nods “you’re worth fighting for, no matter what I’ll always love you and I’ll fight for you, even if I can end up dying, I’ll fight for you because the last thing I want in this world is to lose you” a cold hand curls around harry neck and pulling his head close to Louis, until their lips meets.

A half hour with cuddling on the couch they decide to turn the tv on.


Both boys attention turns towards the tv screen.

“Louis Tomlinson and Harry styles dating? Is Larry Stylinson true? I bet even Directioner ask those question after see this picture of the two boys from one direction kissing, or is this just bullshit and a fan that is really good at editing, our reporter is standing outside the 1D apartment, and he is with us right now to talk to the two boys” the news woman said on tv, the two boys looked at each other with wide eyes, it turned over at a man standing right outside their door

“so now I’m standing in front of Louis tomlinsons and Harry styles door, to hear what they have to say to this” the man said.

Harry smirked and looked at Louis “fuck the management, lets give them what the want shall we, I’m sick of hiding this, I want to kiss you when ever I want and I want to take you on dates” Louis got a bit shocked at first over harrys speech.

Harry got up from the couch and opened the door with a wide smile, a camera and a news man was stood Infront of Harry now, and Louis was still sat on the couch unsure about what he should do “well basically those pictures can be flash but they can be real too, because I’m proud to say that the tommo there is my boyfriend” the news reader’s jaw dropped, and Harry let out a little chuckle “yes it’s true we’re dating, and I love him more that anything, he is my soulmate”

Louis got up from the couch and made his way over to Harry, he wrapped his arms around Harry from behind and leaned his chin against his shoulder smiling wider than ever, Harry laid his hands over Louis’ and smiled wide too.

“there you got it” the man smiled wide “Larry Stylinson is real”

“shall we give them the kiss” Harry whispered into Louis ear and smirked, Louis nodded and kissed Harry sweet, both boys smiled into the kiss, they didn’t need to hide anymore, they were finally free from hiding and nothing else mattered, they forgot about the management and the others boys, all that mattered at this point was, they had each other and for them that was the most important thing in the world. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles was made for each other and still is……

Because they’re soulmates.

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