One Shots (mainly Larry)

So i tend to want to write One Shots sometimes and i do have a few as well, and there is no better place than movella to put it up on.


1. Just go for it.

A/N: This is a Larry Oneshot, and it shows out to be my very first one haha, so i really dont even dare to look it through haha.

It was one of those days, It was one of those things, one of those things which could ruin anything between two good mates, it was love. How can you even end up loving your best friend, and he is even a boy. Maybe you’re gay, maybe bi or just to the other gender which is girls. Harry styles was pretty sure he wasn’t gay, but he was pretty sure he was, but loving your best friend which happen to be a boy and one of your band mates, aint doing it any better. Harry Styles was a mess, his friends had noticed, but he didn’t tell them anything. Not even Louis, the love of his life knew it, and usually they knew anything about each other, but Harry had moved away from Louis the last couple of weeks, he was afraid, afraid of his feelings for the other boy, afraid he would ruin their friendship. Harry always sits in his room crying, over that he have fallen in love with his best friend, Louis Tomlinson. Harry didn’t dare to tell anyone, not even his mum. He was broken, he hated himself for liking the boy, he hated the Doncaster lad for being so likeable, he hated everyone in this world, he specially hated god for doing this to him.

Today wasn’t really a special day, the boys had got a day of and as usually you found Harry crying in his room, while his worried band mates was sat on the couch in the living room of Louis and Harrys shared apartment. They were all confused of Harrys behavior the last couple of weeks, specially this one person, Louis. The one person Harry haven’t talked proper to the last couple of weeks, he was confused and broken, he missed his best friend, he missed the days where they where messing around having fun and no one around then could understand them, he missed Harry, his Harry. He hadn’t eaten much either, he was getting thin. The boy where worried, but they couldn’t get him to eat anything, he was getting really thin, and harry hadn’t even noticed.

“Mate you need to talk to him” the blond boy told him, putting his hand on Louis shoulder

“Niall shut up, you know he talks more to you that me” the Doncaster lad groaned and sake farther down in his seat, shaking Nialls hand of him, he wasn’t in to mood for comfort right now “I just don’t know what’s up with him, he confuse me right now, I want him back” a tear ran down Louis cheek, and then another one and one more, they kept coming running down his cheeks, making them wet and cold.

“Mate don’t cry” Niall started to look sad, he was broken too, he couldn’t stand seeing his band mates down, and specially not Louis “I will go talk to him okay, but only if you promise to make it up the him in the end of the day”

“I love you Niall you know that” he got up from his seat and ruffled his hair “I will just go to the kitchen guys” and with that he left, still crying.

“I will be right back” the Irish man said , he left the room to walk up the stairs and knocking on Harrys door, he could hear the snobs coming from inside the room, he knocked once again, and Harry groaned “Harry mate let me in okay, I need to talk to you, we can’t keep going like this”

“Leave Niall” Harry cried, still sitting on the floor with his head in his hands, crying in silence “just fucking leave me alone” Niall took the handle on the door, surprisely it wasn’t locked, a mistake from the curly boys side, he saw I’m sitting on the floor looking like a mess, with curls everywhere, in the furthest corner of the room “Niall I told y-you to l-leave”

“Harry I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong” Niall explained, which got harry to let out a groan, the thing he want most right now was to be leaved alone and crying for himself and thinking of how much he hated Louis for making him falling in love with him “we’re deadly worried harry, Louis is even so much down that he doesn’t even crack up a joke or smile, he is actually crying harry, just because of you, because you doesn’t want to talk to him or worse look at him, he is broken harry”

“DON’T YOU THINK IM BROKEN TOO NIALL” harry yelled, from his seat on the floor with the tears running down his cheeks “don’t you think I’m broken too huh? Don’t you think I’m sat here crying for a reason, don’t you think I’m down, please just leave me, I’m sat here every day crying, because you know what Niall IM FUCKING BROKEN AND CONFUSED”

“Haz, I have no idea” he dared to close the door behind him and walk a little closer to harry, looking at him with fear if he should start yell again, he hated when people yelled at him, there was nothing worse “I have no Idea of how you feel right now, you won’t talk to us, you just ignore us and putting us away harry, we miss you, Louis miss you, we want the old harry back, like he was for weeks ago” Niall smiled of their last memory before harry got like this.

They were on the beach on their day of, they where all having fun playing in the water, it was a lovely day, but none of them knew that harry would end like he have been the last couple of weeks, no one knew that what Louis had done to him that day, would end up ignore all of them, and specially Louis. All he had done was to tackle him in the water so they both fall over, laughing along with the other boys. Their lips had touched for a second or two. Then it hit Niall, he like Louis.

“Y-you likes Louis” he burst out, with wide eyes, and his jaw had dropped. Harry had turned around to face him, with fear painted all over his face “I KNEW IT” and with that he started to laugh, and the Cheshire lad couldn’t help but join the other boys laughter.


“h-how did you know” harry said he still looked a bit shocked and afraid, after both of them had stopped laughing


“Harry, we all know it” he smiled at him “Liam, Zayn and I have talked about it, and wondered everyday when you’re going to realize that you actually love each other, in more than a brother or friend way, we knew”


“m-me and Louis only like each..”


“harry shut up” and cut him of “just go down to Louis and tell him, I swear I have never seen him this broken, not even that time El broke up with him, he loves you too”


“N-Niall I can’t” harry had put his face in his hands again, groaning “I just……….can’t”


“Hey, I will go get him” Niall wrapped his arms around Harry, and pulled him into his chest, harry relaxed in Nialls strong embrace “and then you can talk this throw okay, it will turn out well, promise”


Harry just nodded, when Niall left the room he panicked, he was really going to tell Louis how he felt. He was a mess when Louis arrived to the room, he looked like harry he had been crying and he shaked like a cold dog, he was also really thin, more that he use to be, harry was confused, he had never seen Louis like this, hadn’t he been eaten, he could see how much he had hurt the other lad but putting him away and just ignore him.


Without thinking he just walked straight toward Louis, pressed his lips against the Doncaster boys lips. To his surprise Louis returned the kiss, their lips slide perfectly together, like two puzzle pieces, when you finally find those two ones who match between 1000 of others, that was how this kiss was, the perfrect match, it was like god had made a plan for the two of them, that they were meant for each other. After seconds, they need to pull away for air, pressing their foreheads together, making promises with their eyes, that they would never leave each other, never again.


“I love you”


“I love you too”

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