"She's yours!"

3 years after Elise met a certain group of boys she feel regret after she looks at her daughter Ely. Her eyes the same as her fathers. Her hair like her mothers but still had her father's glint. How does she feel when they meet her at the park. Should she run or should she tell the father?


2. Seeing her.

That was two years ago. That idiot of a boy was Liam Payne out of One Direction. I had a beautiful baby girl nine months later from when I left him, her name is Ely Payne. I thought he would like that. I stumbled to her room and lifted her up to the kitchen. The sun seeped through the blinds in that same way on that heart breaking morning. I remember those emerald green eyes staring back at me as I left him. I shook my head as I buttered some toast I didn't even know I had made. I tore the crusts of and placed in front of my daughter. She clapped her hands slightly and giggled. Her teeth were the same pearly white as her fathers. Her eyes had a deep mix of my dark blue and her fathers hazel. I wanted them so badly. 

"What do you want to do today Baby?" I questioned she placed her hand to her cheek and started to stroke it thoughtfully. She had adopted that idea from a film we watched the other day. It was hilarious

"Pa-rk" she said with a mouthful of food. I laughed and picked her up again. and changed her in to some jeans and t-shirt. I walked back downstairs and put a film on, as I left I made sure the baby gait was locked. I threw on a pair of jeans and a long top over the top. My black pumps were thrown on to my feet and I grabbed my keys and bag. I picked her up and went to the car. I shivered at the look of it, I had kept the Volvo he had given me. I buckled her in and then backed out in to the Saturday traffic.


Liam's POV

I sat sulking. The boys were all doing there own thing or texting their girlfriends. Harry had a new one named Alaya and Niall had Megan. They had met them the other week. Danielle had broken up with me on that same day. 

"Come on lads, lets go somewhere." I said standing up and getting their shoes and coats. 

"I want some ice cream!" Niall moaned and yelled at them. They all stood up and filed out of the door and in to the van. I sat in the passenger seat with Louis driving. We pulled out and drove for a bit until we hit the traffic. I had been zoning out for a while. The gap between us and the car in front increased as Louis fiddle with the radio. As he eased off the brake we were cut by a black Volvo. His hand slammed at the horn. I didn't care though. Hand hand raised and she swore at us but I could see her smile as she looked back. 

"Lou, it's... it's her. That's the same car I gave her for her birthday." Lou looked more closely and realised it was.

"I'm not letting her get away from you again." He sneered, we followed her all the way to the beach. I remember this so clearly, I took her her on our first date. We pulled in to the space next to where she had parked. I ducked down as she looked through the window and in to Louis eyes.

"What were you doing? I was driving fine and when you didn't respond to my indications I pulled in. You could have damaged my car which I can not afford to repair, or you could have injured my daughter. She needs me and I can't leave my job to provide for us. I will be suing you don't worry." she stormed off and I caught a glimpse of her. I took a large breathe as I saw the deep scar that ran from the corner of her right eye and then to her sharp cheek bone. Her eyes had darkened, that their was not as much light as there used to be. It pained me to see her like this. She half ran to her car and reached in for something. She pulled back with the most cheerful little toddler. Her leg kicked the door shut and she walked away, what did I do? It seemed so long ago.

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