"She's yours!"

3 years after Elise met a certain group of boys she feel regret after she looks at her daughter Ely. Her eyes the same as her fathers. Her hair like her mothers but still had her father's glint. How does she feel when they meet her at the park. Should she run or should she tell the father?


6. Packing

Ely's POV

I looked towards the back garden and saw Harry balling his eyes out. Liam was cringing in pain a few feet away, but that wasn't what caught my attention. The slight twitch of a hand kept me realising that this wasn't a dream. Louis was walking out with Zayn and Niall to try and help either Harry or Liam, but I didn't care. I bolted upstairs, I threw my bank cards and some clothes in to the rucksack. Whilst tying up my hair, I kicked some shoes out of the cupboard and tied them up. I threw on my leather jacket and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed so biscuits and 5 bottles of water. I placed my hoodie over the jacket and shouldered the pack. The door slowly opened behind me, so I jumped out of the window. I rolled on to my front and landed in the pool. I scrambled out and ran, I didn't care where I went. I knew that my life was over here. It would be better somewhere else...


Liam's POV

*4 years later*

Today was the day. The 4 year anniversary of when Ely left. Her mother died on that night and I don't blame Ely for leaving. I had ruined her life so much and I couldn't see past the fact that I was stuck with her. We were on the UK tour and we had just released or fifth album. We had took a break during certain years because we wanted to be with others. 

"Well boys what do you want? I'm going to Starbucks" I announced to them.

"Usual please!" I heard Niall yell from upstairs

"Just get us what we normally have Liam will you, I'm starving." Louis grumbled

"Okay be back in a bit." And with that I left.


I walked in to Starbucks and was bumped by some kid. He looked up and smiled, before I could get a good look at him he had run off to his mother. I looked to where he went and saw the couple, they were young about 20-23 and had that boy and a new baby. I chuckled to myself and watched as she walked to the pram and strapped the baby in. The man picked the kid up and walked out. She looked up at me and I could terror in her eyes. She looked down and started to fiddle with things. The fellow she was with looked at the window to me and got angry. I stormed back inside and started to talk to the girl who was, now, sobbing hysterically. He rubbed her back and then stormed over to me. He locked a han around my arm and pulled me in to a back ally. 

"How dare you do that to her!" He shouted at me. 

"What? Who the hell are you anyway?"

"Your bloody son in law!"


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