"She's yours!"

3 years after Elise met a certain group of boys she feel regret after she looks at her daughter Ely. Her eyes the same as her fathers. Her hair like her mothers but still had her father's glint. How does she feel when they meet her at the park. Should she run or should she tell the father?


7. Meet your grand kids mum...

Ely's POV
I watched as my fathers eyes studied me and Luke. He had no clue in to what had happened but toile me feel more guilty he didn't even recognise me. I layed Scarlett in her buggy while I played with her. Her light giggle made my heart swell with pride. Freddie's little feet came pattering over and I looked at to which direction he came from. It was his.
"Freddie what on earth were you doing with strangers? I have told you not to go near them before!" I said sternly
"But mum, he looked like you!" I was taken aback when he said that. I looked up and saw Luke come back with the drinks.
"You okay darl? You look like you saw a ghost." He said rubbing my back as he sat down. Tears started to make their way down my face and I just stayed silent. He picked up Freddie and started to walk out. As he looked back in to the cafe he saw that I still hadn't moved. He gaze flickered away from me and to Liam. His eyes were sharp as he came back. He sat Freddie down and grabbed his arm. I was shocked by the calmness of the way he followed, or was dragged, away from where he stood. I picked the kids up and ushered them out the door. I turned the corner and into the alley where I saw Liam in th floor l, his head dripping with blood. Luke came over to me and took the kids out of my hands. I staggered over to him like I was drunk or something but I was boiling with anger. I kicked him hard and cursed at him. I heard to claps from Luke. I smiled at his breaths of pure pain. I repeated until I heard the footsteps of people running towards us. Luke looked back at me and grabbed my hand to run. He went and took the kids to the car but I stayed. The bleeding low life on the floor made no effort to make a sound, no effort to try to stand. His eyes faltered to mine.
"Hi Liam. Haven't seen you in a while." I sneered at him. I spat on the ground and walked away. Two hands hit me from behind. My leg bent back and hit them in he crotch. I heard the pain rattle through him.
"Leave her Zayn. I deserved it." He whispered. I tuned on my heel and ran. I passed like and the kids but I kept running. The iron gates that I had met every year welcomed me into the hostile place I had so badly wanted to not come to. Grey misty clouds moved around me, enveloping me in the cold atmosphere. I knelt down and stroked a cold hard stone.
"I can't believe you have missed your grand kids mum. They look like you." I cried.
I heard the sirens around me and the heavy footsteps that followed.
"Ely Richards. You are under arrest for asault you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence when do not menchan or question something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you have any questions?" I heard hos voice say but I just stayed silent. This is what my life has reduced to. Handcuffs.
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