"She's yours!"

3 years after Elise met a certain group of boys she feel regret after she looks at her daughter Ely. Her eyes the same as her fathers. Her hair like her mothers but still had her father's glint. How does she feel when they meet her at the park. Should she run or should she tell the father?


5. Eyes that spy

Elise's POV

I have been beaten, stabbed and punched that many times I have lost count. Darren and his mates used me for their pleasure and I have been scarred so deep that I now that this wound will turn bitter and sour. I spilt his drink in the club, all his mates are the bouncers. They encouraged him to abuse me like he did. My arms are hard rocks that have bled and have been remodelled. As he swung for me I ran to the open car. I ran again because Liam was their. I would run to his home, I knew where he lived. There had been a party which Darren had forced me to go to. They didn't see me, I think Ely did though. Good grief how much she had looked like Liam. I just knew that she was sad, if he had hurt her in anyway I swear I would kill him. I may not go all the way but Darren had taught me some things as he showed me a few months ago. He wanted me to only be his so he taught me how to fight back against them. What a friend hey? I kept running, and so did he. Someone else was following him too though, I began to freak out and I stepped my pace up until I had lost his beating footprints. I knew I was close. I slowed down to a fast run but was always on edge. Then I saw it. The white light of the TV flickered in the front room. I kept running to the end of the street and i climbed through the window. The kitchen gleamed and smells wafted from the oven. My stomach growled hard and loud. The TV stopped playing and I heard the footsteps coming closer. I had nowhere to run. She came in and saw me. Tears fell from my eyes, slowly she paced back out of the room texting but always keeping me in her line of vision. She stopped and stared at me. 

"Hi Ely." I said calmly, she started to shake and I took a few steps back to the window. 

"Don't go, my dad will kill me if I didn't have proof that someone was here. He has already hurt me before." She mumbled the last bit but it was enough for me to hear. My blood boiled and punched the wall and myself multiple times. "Who are you?" I turned to look and saw she honestly did not know.

"Your mother." A tear rolled down her cheek and her eyes blanked as she remembered something.

"Darren took you that day in the park, didn't he?"  she asked. I could tell she was getting angry.

"Yes. If he took me and you then you would surely be dead." I cried and reached over for the knife that lay there.I dug it deep through one of my scar ditches and it felt good to have the boiling reduced in my system. I dabbed two fingers in to it and wrote on the wall:

Elise loves Ely xx

The glints of the car pulling up made me bolt for the window. 

"Tell your dad I love him darling." and with that I ran. I reached the garden when pain shot through my leg. I stumbled but kept going. Then one in my stomach. Then another. After multiple shots I fell to the floor, the world going black to me apart from the eyes in the bushes.


Liam's POV

My phone buzzed when I reached the car again. The bouncers had gone and the music was blaring again. I looked down and it was from Ely:

Woman through the window. Don't know who. Come quick.

"Lads got in the car know. Ely is in trouble." 

Harry revved the car to life and sped of completing the short 10 minute drive in no time. I launched myself from the car and I ran to find Ely in the kitchen staring at the window and wall. I looked to the wall to see the message starting to run down the wall. It was not paint but blood. The rattle of a gun drained my face a blood. Then 5 more followed. I was scared. I looked towards Ely and the rest of the lads. Harry wasn't there. I ran out to follow him and saw him at the bottom of the garden.

"Don't you dare come any closer. If you had only stuck up for her 14 years ago then she wouldn't be like... like...THIS!" He screamed at me. I felt his fist connect hard with my jaw. I touched it too see it red and wet. 

"Where did the b-lo-od come from?" I stammered

"HER!" He yelled again, he threw me to the floor and kicked me. He started to cry and walked back to where he was before and tried to wake whatever it was up. I stood and looked. It was Elise. Her body was punctured and if it wasn't for me and that stupid dream then she wouldn't have got in to this mess in the first place.

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