"She's yours!"

3 years after Elise met a certain group of boys she feel regret after she looks at her daughter Ely. Her eyes the same as her fathers. Her hair like her mothers but still had her father's glint. How does she feel when they meet her at the park. Should she run or should she tell the father?


4. 14 years later...

Ely's POV

My head lightly bobbed as the drums vibrated through my ears. My dad was going out again tonight. He never really liked me, I never remembered my mother. Uncle Harry told me what had happened when I turned ten but I never believed it. 

"Alright be there in ten. Ely I'll be back tomorrow. I'm going with Harry to the club. You'll be okay right?" I asked me while struggling to get in to his coat.

"Another one night stand dad? What is that, the fifth one this month?" I muttered. I looked up and her towered over me. 

"Don't you dare say anything on what I do." He slapped me across the cheek and turned to see Harry. Liam barged past him and started the car.

"You okay?" Harry asked me.

"Why-di-d mum have to die?" I cried, choking on my tears.

"She didn't die. You know that, your father just hates to see you because-" I cut him off

"Because he is a cheating liar. He hates me because I am a pain in his perfect life. Just go Harry. May your life be happy without me." I cried.

"Just don't do anything stupid." He sighed and walked out the door. Slamming it as he went.


Liam's POV

That kid! She makes me so mad. I saw Harry leave the house and he got in the drivers side of the car. I turned the radio on. My hands drummed on the dash board but realised that we weren't moving. Harry turned off the radio and just looked at me. 

"You treat her like she's a grown women Liam." He sighed

"She is though. You heard what she said." I shouted back at him.

"You didn't have to slap her!"

I started to drive the car and we picked up the others. Louis tried to make us talk but after we told him why he went silent too. The other boys hated me then. When we arrived we were forced back in to the car. The bouncers circled two people and were shouting  at them to part but they didn't.

"Elise don't you dare run away. I will kill you this time!" The circle parted ad she ran to the open door of car. She jumped in and slammed the door. She looked at us and then opened the door and ran. You saw Darren chase after her. I jumped out the car and ran too. I needed to protect her again, I didn't do that before. This was my only chance.

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