Spies Forever

Hi my name is Juliet Summers I'm a employee for Secret Service. Now I'm the bodyguard of some boy band what's their name uh....... oh yeah One Direction. Well nice to start off my job from graduating Harvard early. Yes I'm like super smart I skipped high school I'm 18 a graduate. Now all my hard work is working for One Direction.


1. My New Mission for Who!

I was just walking then I hear a crash a big one. My partner Sally was right next to me we saw the guy that we targeted he was the bad guy. The crime he has done was selling drugs we had to stop him we went up to him. He saw us he ran away with the bag full of drugs. Sally was really fast and caught up with him.I got my cuffs out called the headquarters and told them the mission was done. I went into my range rover with Sally the bad gut in the back of the car. We got out of the car we went to our boss we gave him the bad guy he went to jail. Our boss Mr. Solomon told us we could have the day off. Sally and I were happy. Then walking outside of headquarters I see some guy he looked kind of old.

For some reason Sally started fangirling

Me:What is your problem Sally?

Sally: That's Simon Cowell the manager of One Direction, she squealed.

Me:That boy band you talk about all the time.

Sally: Yes Yes Yes OMG . He is walking over here gosh calm down Sally, she said to herself but she said it out loud anyway. Foe some reason my mother was talking to Simon Cowell it looked like they were flirting with each other. Not to mention my mom also works for the Secret Service. They start walking up to us smiling.

Mom: Hey honey you know Mr. Cowell.

Simon: No No call me Simon.

Me: Hello I'm Juliet Summers, Can I help you with anything, I said in a mannerful tone.

Simon: Yes actually you can help me with something

Me:Sure Simon what can I help you with. Simon I would live it if you protected my clients. They are in a boy band named One Direction.

Me: Why are they in any kind of trouble of some sort.

Simon: There are many girls that try to hurt them but their bodyguard Paul has gotten in a horrible accident he has to be hospitalized for 3 months.

Me: One moment please I have to talk to my mother for a moment. I pull my mother to the other side of the road and said in a hushed tone.

Me:Mom I don't want to spend my summer protecting 5 guys from screaming girls.

Mom: Well I already told Mr. Cowell that you're up for it.

Me:Okay,fine I'll do it but just this one time for you bye mom.

Mom: Thank you honey very much and ask Simon for the band's information you'll need it.

Me:Okay mom I'll do that

I walked over to him and told him I'll do it he said great well now I'm living with the boys he said. Great I am living with 5 boys that I barely know now I have to take care of them like a babysitter for the summer.Apparently, Simon can't do it because of the USA X Factor auditions are in the summer.

Simon: Hey I'll text you all the information tommorrow just give your number to me I 'll give it to the boys.

Me: Okay so are you going to give me there number?

Simon: Oh yeah and by the way your going undercover you can't be known as the "BodyGuard". There has been celebrity kidnapping I want you to figure it out  so you're going to be the guy Harry his pretend girlfriend for now.

Me: Um okay I  think I can cope with that.

Simon gave all their numbers I put their names in and I left. Me and Sally we live together but I'm moving out for the 3 months.


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