THE BUM (Harry Styles' Fan fiction)

It's a short story about Harry Styles of One Direction and a character named Isabella Gordon, a half English and half French lady who is Harry's childhood best friend that he use as a BREAK UP MECHANISM or BUM.


3. Meeting Paolo the Italiano



“Harry, let’s take a dip” I told him, we were sunbathing under a beach umbrella and he was busy with his mobile phone. “Hey Harry!!” I waved my hands, he is ignoring me, and it is pissing me off.


            “Ha---!!” I was about to yell, when his phone rang and he answered it within a ring. “Hello?” Okay, first he was ignoring me, now he was making an excuse not to talk to me. “Oh hello Taylor, I’m here at Brazil, want to come?”


            He was busy laughing his bum out, talking to an unknown ‘Taylor’. Who’s that Taylor anyway? Taylor Lautner? Taylor Swift? Oh my God, maybe it was Taylor Swift. I heard there was an item with him and Taylor before he left her to Australia. Is that true?


            “Harry” I called up quietly. He looked down to me, and then looked up to the beach again. Still not paying any heed? FINE! I got up and went over to the changing area.


            I looked at myself in the full sized mirror, if he’s ignoring me, I’ll have other men paying attention to me. That’s what you asked for, Styles.


            I walked out with a black two piece swimming costume under a white see through polo. I knew all eyes were on me, this is what I love about being French; you get to have all eyes on you when you need it.


            I walked to where Harry is; he’s still busy chatting with whom the hell cares, Taylor. I placed down my bag; he looked up and I knew he was awestruck, be like that, I deserve it. I walked out and called for, “Liam!!”


            He looked up and walked to me, “Let’s go for a dip!” I inquired; and at an instant, I pulled him in the sea. Niall and the Malik couple joined us in.


●          ●          ●


            “Ohh, I like your tan, Bella. It fits your skin.” Perrie complemented, I gave her a smile, “Thanks, yours too.”


            The sun set already, and we’re at a bar, having some drinks. “Seems you and Harry are ignoring each other. Why is that?” She asked in her native language. I laughed, “He started it. I do not know, he just starts off ignoring me, and talking to somebody named, Taylor.”


            Her eyes widen, “Swift? Oh my, I knew they were together. I overheard Niall and Zayn talking that Harry invited Taylor here.”


            So it was Taylor Swift, well that dim-witted skirt; for god sake! She’s 4 years older than Harry! But he like cougars, he like older woman; ‘They are matured’ he said.


             I groaned and drank my Martini in a split moment. “2 shots of tequila please!” I yelled at the bartender. “Hey, you’re taking this too much” Perrie said while chuckling. “You know that Harry is more than too much for me.”


            Yes, Perrie knows that I am stupidly and deeply in love with my philanderer best bud; I told you, I only hate Eleanor.


            I got up after my two times five shots that would be ten, right? And I could feel that it has some effect on me. “Hey, where are you going?” Perrie questioned while holding my arms. “I’m just getting myself a man, Perrie” I said, laughing. She groaned, “God, I knew this is trouble.”


            I hushed her, “That is Taylor Swift’s song! I knew you were trouble! That’s her single for Harry, right?” I felt a clench on my chest, it hurts saying that line with my mouth. “Come on Bella, let’s get you to the hotel, where are those boys anyway?” I heard her asking herself.


            “Just one dance, Perrie, and then we’ll leave” I pleaded. She whimpered and let go of my arm. I walked to the dance floor; Usher’s song was on, I danced my memories away, why is this so thespian? I hate this life.


            I felt a hand on my waist, “Vieni qui spesso?” someone asked in Italian, and it means, “Do you come here often?” I turned my head and saw a good looking Italiano; I grinned, “Per la verita no. Cosa la prima volta” I answered saying in his language. “Not really, this is my first time.”


            It’s strange that, I’m in Brazil; and I met an Italian, not a Portuguese. “Posso offrirti da bere?”  He offered me a drink. I nodded and we walked to the bar together; Perrie was there with Zayn.


            “Who’s this?” Zayn asked, pertaining to the Italian. “Uhh—a friend?” I said unsure.


            “My name is Paolo, and I really like this girl” The Italian said in English, wrapping an arm on my waist. I laughed, Italians never changed, and they are born Casanova.


            “I thought you couldn’t speak English!” I yelled, laughing at him. “I’m Bella” I introduced, “And this are my friends, Perrie and Zayn.”


            He smirked and pulled me closer to him, “Bella, just right for a beautiful woman like you.” I giggled like a child, Italians have sweet tongues. Zayn cleared his throat.


            He pointed at Zayn, “One Direction, si?” I laughed and nodded. “My sister likes One Direction, she likes, Harry, giusto?”


            “Ah, yes, Harry; she is Harry’s best friend.” Perrie answered for me, “Really?” He asked unbelievably. “Si”


            “Bella!” Someone called, it was Liam; he was with Louis and others. “Who’s this?” Niall asked looking at the large man beside me. I chuckled, “Ah, Paolo, this are the rest of One Direction, Niall, Liam, Louis and her girlfriend, Eleanor and--- Harry.”


            Paolo nodded intently, “Now I know my sister likes curly man” I laughed, “Yes, he’s curly.”


●          ●          ●


            We all went back to the hotel; Bella is walking with Perrie, laughing her drunken bum off. I was watching her in the club with Perrie all this time. How much she got herself drunk and how she walked to the dance floor with this Italian monster came walking towards her. I was watching her, and I cannot do anything about it.


            “Who was that?” I heard Liam asked. We are both watching over Bella. I know for a fact that he likes Bella a lot. “Is he flirting with her?” He asked me; “Who?” I asked back, pretending that I wasn’t watching her.


            He pointed at Bella, “I don’t know. Maybe he is.” I answered with a bored face, when in reality; I want to punch the lad on the face, hard. “You’re her best friend, why won’t you check on her?” Liam questioned, his voice pissed.


            I watched them leave the dance floor to Perrie and Zayn by the bar. They were laughing and I want to know why.


            “You like her, why don’t you check on her?” I used my as-if-I-care tone. He glared at me, stood up and walk in the direction of Bella. “Where is he going?” Niall asked. I sighed, “He’s getting himself into a fight.” I said while following Liam.


            In the end, all of us were following Liam, even Louis and Eleanor did. “Bella” Liam called up. She looked at us, and she smiled, more of a smirk. “Who’s that?” Niall asked in a weird attitude. He is also protective of Bella, but as a sister, for she is always cooking for him.


            Bella introduced us to the Italian youngster, no, an Italian old man she was with, his age is somewhere around, Louis’, maybe a year older.


            They all hang out by the bar, I, excluding myself. She seems to be all carefree and jolly, of course she was drunk, and I could see, she’s fond of this Italian man.


            “Good night, Harry” She murmured with her eyes closed. I fixed the duvet around her and got myself on the other side of the bed. I watched her sleep, “Don’t you like my hair, Bella?” I asked stupidly.


            “This is stupid” I murmured to myself, “She even looked for a guy that has a nice hair” I removed my shirt and sleep under the sheets with her.




"Any similarities to actual persons or places, alive, or dead, real or fictitious is merely coincidental and is a product of a creative imagination"


© Summer Masons- 2012

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