THE BUM (Harry Styles' Fan fiction)

It's a short story about Harry Styles of One Direction and a character named Isabella Gordon, a half English and half French lady who is Harry's childhood best friend that he use as a BREAK UP MECHANISM or BUM.


4. I've got a friend in you




“My head hurts” I grunt; this is what I hate about drinking. “Here” I heard a rough British voice said. I looked up to Harry. He kneeled in front of me, “Drink this, maybe this will help.” He uttered, giving me a cup of tea. “Thank you”


            “I checked on your phone, Paolo reminds you that you have a date this afternoon.” He informed, sitting beside me on the floor. I remembered Paolo, the sweet tongued Italian. He’s handsome and gentleman and all, but we all know that I am stupidly in love with this curly locks man beside me.


            “Yeah, I’ll give him a ring; is Taylor coming here?” I asked him, changing the topic. He looked shock, but it dispersed instantly. “No, she’s on a tour somewhere; but we’ll be meeting up in London in a week.”


            I faked a smile, “That’s good, at least you’re back together again”


            He smiled, “Yeah. It’s great”


●          ●          ●


            We got off the water while laughing. “I’ve got water on my ears!” I yelled at Paolo. “So do me!” He inquired.


            We grabbed an early dinner by the sea with wine. He is a business man, and he was just here for a business talk, and was leaving tonight. And I just learned now that he was seven years older than me.


“I like you a lot” He confessed. I was shocked, and was almost chocked by the wine. “You don’t need to say anything, I know you like Harry” He continued.


            “How did you know?” I questioned, is he god or something? He sniggers, “Even though you’re drunk, I see that you only have eyes for him, si?”


            I nodded, “Si”


            “I thought that I should give us a try, but it’s not really me, no?” He asked, I felt guilty; he laughed, “Don’t be sad, Bella; it’s okay. We could hang out, like you English says... Friends?”


            I nodded again, “Caro amico” Good friends


            I was dumped by an Italian, and it’s the first time that I felt grateful I was dumped. Paolo said he has a house in London and he said he’ll come and visit me thrice a week for a date, what a sweet friend.


            He took me back to the hotel, giving me a kiss on the head, He whispered some Italian wishing me good luck. Yes, good luck to me.


            I walked in, and by the lobby, I saw Harry and Taylor Swift hugging. Perrie and Zayn was also there. Now where is that good luck Paolo just gave me? Why is this bad luck here?


            Taylor has her fish smile on her face; I knew she and Eleanor are related, she coming from the blowfish family, and Eleanor from prawn family.


            I groaned and walked to the lifts, trying to avoid them. But Harry caught me, “Bella!” He yelled. I turned to look at them. His hands were on her waist.


            “Hey, I didn’t see you there” I greeted, while walking up to them. “Of course you didn’t” Harry said sarcastically, “I guess you know who she is” I laughed awkwardly, “Yes. Who doesn’t know her? Miley Cyrus, right?”


            The smile on Taylor’s face fade, Perrie chuckled. “No, she’s Taylor Swift, Isabella” Zayn said while chuckling. I acted as if I was shocked, “Oh my God, I’m sorry. I thought you’re Miley!! Did you get your hair russet, or did Miley flaxen her hair? OH! Both! Never mind! You two are best friends anyway!” I gave a fake smile.


            “Do you want to grab dinner with us?” Harry asked, breaking the awkwardness. I shook my head, “No, I already ate dinner with Paolo; I’m going to my room. Cheerio!”


            I was about to walk to my room, when Harry said, “Actually, its Taylor’s and mine now” I felt a pinch on my chest. Bulls eye Harry, you hit straight to my heart. Congratulations.


            I turned around, smiling. “Oh of course, ‘cause I’m going back to London.” I twist back to the lifts. I got in, and right on cue, my tears started flowing. My smile dispersed, and my chest hurts like hell.


            The lift’s doors opened, and it revealed Eleanor. She stared at me; can this day get any better? “Take the next lift” I told her, and pressed the button, closing the doors. But then she slipped her hand, and made the doors open.


            It was an unexpected move; she walked in and takes me in her arms. “It’s okay, I know you’re hurt.” She patted my back, and that made me cry like a baby. All the hurt and pain flood out. “Eleanor, it hurts.” I complained, “It hurts like hell. It hurts differently. It just hurts and I can’t explain.”


            She paddle my back lightly, “I understand, and you do not need to explain.”


            I cried a river with Eleanor in the lift, to their hotel suit. “Louis is not here, he’s with Niall and Liam. Do not worry” she said.


            Eleanor comforted me, she didn’t say anything when I whimper, but she kept on patting my back. I didn’t know how long I was being a masochist.


●          ●          ●


            “Is she, okay?” I overheard someone asked, it was Louis. “Yes, and I need to stay with her, right now; could you please stay with Niall or Paul tonight?” I heard Eleanor whispered.


            “Didn’t you hate each other?” Louis asked while chuckling. “I did, and I don’t know if she still does. But even though, love your enemies, right? Love your enemies like you love your neighbour.”


            “Fine, fine. What happened anyway?” Louis questioned like an investigator. “I don’t know either, it’s better that she tells us, because she wants to than to ask her.”


            “My girlfriend is matured, fine. I’ll stay with Liam and Niall for the night, while you comfort Bella. She needs you now. Do you want me to call on Perrie?” Louis offered. “No, I already did.”


            After a few moments, I heard the door closes. I sat up and saw Eleanor walking to the room. “How are you?” She asked with a smile. “I’m okay”


            “I knew you would say that” She said and sat down by the bed side. “I read on a magazine that, 79% of the world’s population says, ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m okay’ when seriously they’re not.” She stated. “What magazine is that?” I questioned. She laughed and said, “Eleanor’s brain magazine”


            “You’re such a liar, El.” I said while laughing. “People are liars; you are lying right now, saying you’re okay, when you’re not.”


            “Thank you” I blurted out, “For what?” She asked. I sighed and said, “I never imagined that you’ll be comforting me, right now. You’re the last person I thought of.”


            She expressed amusement, “I surprise everybody; surprise!”


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