THE BUM (Harry Styles' Fan fiction)

It's a short story about Harry Styles of One Direction and a character named Isabella Gordon, a half English and half French lady who is Harry's childhood best friend that he use as a BREAK UP MECHANISM or BUM.


2. Is my hair okay?




“Hey Bella, wake up.” I flicker my eyes open and saw Niall standing in front of me. “Are we here?” I asked. He laughed and nodded, “Yes, 5 minutes ago.”


            I instantly got up, and then I realized, I was all buckled up. “Ugh” I groaned in pain. * The belt is worn to me loosely and the lock thing hits my chest. I hope you got my thing, because it’s painful, I’m telling you. “Oh are you okay?” Niall asked in concern, “Where’s Harold?!” He yelled while removing the safety device on me. A stewardess walked up to us and helped him. “No, Niall, it’s okay. I’m okay. I can handle it.” I said with a smile.


            I got up that stupid lad, left me. Maybe he was the one who tied me up to the seat belt. I reached for my things, and Niall got it for me, because he’s the only one who’s nice enough to wait for me.


*A/N: This scene is based from my cousin’s plane experience.


●          ●          ●


            “Where’s Niall?” Zayn asked, not talking for a long time. I looked around; Niall is not here, so does Bella.


            Okay, I left Bella there sleeping, with her buckled up, which I did on purpose, because I was pissed off with her leaving me for Liam. But now, I don’t know if I feel guilty or what.


            “I’ll look for them” I got out of the embassy and walked around. I saw Niall carrying her bag, while she was massaging somewhere around her chest. What happened?


            I passed by a lot of people and went straight to them. I heard Niall stopping and asking if she was really okay, and she nodded.


            “What happened?” I asked. She and Niall looked up at the same time. “Oh---” Niall was about to explain when she cuts him off by saying, “Nothing, I just overslept.”


            I know she was lying; she is my childhood best friend. I know her better than anybody else, even her mother.


            I got her bag from Niall--- nicely, and then we all walked together to the embassy. We all got cleared out eventually, and got into a mini trolley to our hotel in Sta. Monica beach.


            Supposed, Louis and Zayn are sharing a room with their woman, whilst Niall and I will and Paul with Liam. Bella is all alone in a room.


            “I’ll just stay with Bella” I offered. They are all good with it, so Paul will be all alone in his own suit until Lou arrives with Baby Lux tomorrow.


            “Are you really okay?” I asked Bella when we’re all alone in our suit. She chuckles and looked up to me, she was fixing her clothes by the wardrobe. “Yes, I’m alright Mr. Styles.” She said in a formal tone.


            If she won’t tell me, then I’ll ask Niall later, I think it’s not something that is major.


            She let her body drop on the bed, “AH! This is the life” She said with a very relaxed voice. “Yes, this is the life!!” I yelled while I lay on her.


            “Harry! You’re so HEAVY YOU BIG MONSTER!!” She said while laughing. “I’m a monster?!” I asked standing up. She belly laughed while answering, “Yes”


            “So I’m a monster!!!!” I lift her up my shoulders and she was wagging herself out. “Put me down, Harry!!”


            I ran out to the sundeck and pretend to drop her. For god sake, this is the 5th floor, will I drop her? I’m not that stupid.


            “Harry!! Put me down!!” She yelled while giggling, “Where?” I asked. “HERE!!”


            I placed her down and huffed, “You’re as heavy as a boar!”


            “I am not!!” She yelled and jumped at my back.


            I piggybacked her back inside, when we heard, “Harry! Bell---” Niall stopped in mid-sentence, seeing how Bella and I look like.


            He looked at us with a smirk. I know what he was thinking, but I do not care. “Hi there Irish!” Bella greeted him. “Hi there Bella, when did you get so tall?” Niall asked. Then he paid his attention to me, “Paul wants me to call you for lunch.”


            “OHH! Let’s eat!” Bella yelled whilst wagging her legs. “Isabella, stop whisking your legs, I might drop you!” I warned. She hugged me tighter by the neck, “Is that better, Mr. Styles?” She asked sarcastically. “Yes, much better, Ms. Gordon.”


            Niall cleared his throat, “Let me put your sandals on, your highness” He said putting on Bella’s sandals on her. “Thank you, such a great lad.”


            I wore my slippers on and asked Niall to bring Bella’s bag while I carry her down on my back. Bella kept on playing with my shades while we’re on the elevator. She’s a huge junk of bipolar, sometimes she’s nice, too nice and joyful and sometimes, she fancy being evil and sarcastic.


            Everybody looked at us when we entered the hall; they were having a conversation while eating the entree. Bella and I sat side by side, while Liam is sitting across her.


            Louis cracked his Mushroom joke, Eleanor acted as if she was humiliated, and all of us were laughing. We are having crabs and prawns for lunch; Bella whispered when I started eating prawns, “Look, its Eleanor’s father you’re eating.” I never expected she’ll say that, so I almost spit the prawn out of my mouth.


            “Eww, Harold” Louis reacted, “That’s disgusting”


            Bella laughed hard, and then everybody’s following her. It’s just crazy; she’s infecting everybody of her bonkers.

            For afters, we are having Kiwi- Mango Pudding. I remove the Kiwis out of Bella’s pudding without saying a thing, and replaced it with my mangoes. I know how much she hates Kiwis. I looked down on her; she was smiling like a child. I found it weird and adorable at the same time.


            “Thank you Harry” She said thoughtfully. I just smiled at her. She started eating like a child, and everybody was pleased seeing her like that.


            “Liam, I like your hair” She complemented despite the fact that she was busy eating her pudding. I observed Liam blushed, “Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.”


            She showed him her two thumbs up wiggling and proceeds with her dessert. What is with Liam’s hair? It looks like Justin Bieber’s.


            I looked at Louis and made an eye contact. I signed, ‘I need to talk to you’ then excused myself to the men’s room.


            “What is it?” Louis asked when we entered the rest room. “Is my hair, okay?” I asked back, looking across the mirror; I think it’s awful.


            Louis laughed, “You love your hair Harry, what is with you?” Louis asked at the same time as chortling. “Nothing--- Just asking, do you think, I should get a haircut? Or should I straighten my hair?”


            “That’s absurd thinking, Harold. Is this about Isabella complementing Liam’s hair?” Louis kept on asking. “Now you’re talking absurd, Lou!”


            Louis snorted, “I knew you fancy Bella.” I groaned, “I do not fancy Bella, she’s my best friend, and so do you. You know, let’s forget about this conversation ever happened.”


            When we got out of the potty room, Bella was standing there. Louis gave me a stern look; did she hear us talking inside? Just then, she looked up, and removed her earphones. “What took you two so long?” She asked walking towards us.


            “Nothing” I replied without looking at her. I’m afraid that she’ll find me lying; “Really?” She asked with her eyebrows teasing. “Really, Bella; so where’s my girlfriend?” Louis answered this time.


            “Oh, they’re at the beach already” She answered pointing out. Louis left us walking together. She was blabbering things that doesn't seem to enter my mind, is my hair really okay? Does it look fine? I reckon I should get a visit to the hair salon.




"Any similarities to actual persons or places, alive or dead, real or fictitious is merely coincidental and the product of a feverish imagination."



© Summer Masons- 2012

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