THE BUM (Harry Styles' Fan fiction)

It's a short story about Harry Styles of One Direction and a character named Isabella Gordon, a half English and half French lady who is Harry's childhood best friend that he use as a BREAK UP MECHANISM or BUM.


1. Break up Mechanism


First of all, this story does not have any connection with a person's bum or tush or bootie, or butt or anything else you call a bottom.


My name is Isabella Gordon, half English, and half French. I'm a working student; I work as a waitress during day time, and...


"I'm sorry Christina, but I'm breaking up with you." He said with an apologetic face, and then held my hand. "... She's Isabella; my girlfriend and I love her."


... A 'Break up Mechanism' at night


I looked up at him. He looked rather sincere, "I'm sorry Christina" he said once more, and then pulled me out of the pub and walked straight to the parking area, where his Audi is parked.


"You could have helped me, you know." He said sarcastically, his eyes on the road. "Well, you don't need my help anyway. You perfectly nailed it, Harry. Another broken hearted girl, such a great achievement, don't you think? Congratulations" I replied on the same tone.


His name is Harry Styles. I'm perfectly sure that you already know him, for he is very famous because of the boy band he's in and also because, he's a huge bum of a womanizer.


"Well thank you, Isabella; I appreciate you smart mouthing me." That is the way Harry and I talk. We were the best of friends, I know that we WERE, but he thinks, we're STILL best friends. We still get along very well, just not this; we do not get along when he uses me as a BUM or 'BREAK UP MECHANISM'.


"I'm glad you cherished it. I worked hard for it." I said on the same tone. He groaned inwardly, "Goodness, stop with your acid tone, Bella"


When we talk like this, I bet you, he always looses and ends up getting mad. We stayed up quiet for a very long time, when out of the blue, he spoke up, "I'm picking you up at 7 tomorrow."


"Why? Where are we going?" I questioned, looking at him. He's concentrating, "We're going to Sta. Monica." Sta. Monica, where? "Brazil?" I confirmed. He nodded.


"What? I can't, I have work during weekends, Harry." I told him. He halt the car, just now I realized that I'm already home. "You need to be there, Liam wants you to come; the lads want you to join."


I smiled, since Liam and Danielle broke up, we have been really close; and it's making Harry rather, possessive. And I like him that way.


As every story goes, the girl best friend is always in love with her boy best friend, and this is one of those stories; the only difference is, he doesn't love me back, and I know he never will.


Why am I being so dramatic right now? This is really dumb, but I am right anyway. I'll tell you why...


My name is, Isabella and I live a life any directioner would love to live, One Direction's best bud.


Harry Styles, the youngest is my childhood best friend, his mother, Aunt Anne and my father were childhood sweethearts turned best friends


"Are you sure, you two aren't together?" Louis asked me. Harry laughed, I also did.


"Why are you being so showbiz, Lou? Harry and I are best friends" I said and put a chip on my mouth, munching it noisily.


"Will you never be together?" Zayn asked in his raspy voice. I was about to answer, when Harry answered for me, "Bella and I will never be together. That's just an absurd thought. Bella is a Plain Jane, I would never like her"


Okay, that was just too much; he thinks of me as a plain Jane, when all this time, I'm the one saving him from all those girls hunting him down.


And all this time, he thought I didn't like him; he thought that it's just fine. Well, he's wrong; because it's not fine.


"Hey!" He snapped a finger in my face, that's when I woke up to reality. "Oh-- I'm sorry" He laughed, "Are you alright? What were you thinking about?"


I groaned and shrugged, "Nothing, I was just thinking for an excuse that George will buy."


"Do not worry; I already informed your manager that you'll be out for a week. I also did ask your friend, Jamie to copy you notes, since you two are block mates in every class. Thank you, Harry. You’re my hero." he imitated my voice.


I cackled, "Yes. Thank you, Harry, my hero."


He pushed the door at my side and ordered me to get out and pack my things, "Do not forget to bring your swimming costume" He reminded before driving his car off.


●             ●             ●

"Why are you not wearing your swimming costume, Bella?" Eleanor asked looking over my head to toe.


I formed a smirk and looked at her body. She is wearing a full length tube boho dress with her swimming costume inside.  "Well, we're still in London dear, you seemed to be too jittery to join your family of langoustine by the sea"


She stomped her feet, walking away. I smiled victoriously, I won again. You know, I just never liked Eleanor; we never get along. We're like, water and oil.


"You're having a fight with Eleanor again" I heard a voice spoke, it was Liam.  I laughed, "She started it as always, and you know it."


He nodded understandingly. We talked all the way to their private jet, Liam is just a wonderful person, I think Danielle made a horrible decision breaking up with him.


I dislike Eleanor, and I know like Danielle, Perrie and I, she's receiving all this hate from Directioners, but she and Louis kept strong; strong as a rock.


When we got to the jet, we were still chit chatting, when Harry passed by in between us without anything to say. Of course, Harry and I will be sitting together, with Liam and Niall in front of us, but, HOW RUDE HARRY!

After our jaws started to hurt, Liam and I decided to take a nap. At first, I looked around to see if someone is still awake, and there is none, so I watched Harry sleeping.


His eyes were shut inside his dark shades, his lips are formed into a frown and his skin is as white as ever. I wanted to touch his face, but what if he wakes up? I realized that it would be weird.


Sorry for the shitty grammars, English is not my mother's native language =))))

"Any similarities to actual persons or places, alive, or dead, real or fictitious is merely coincidental and is a product of a creative imagination"


© Summer Masons- 2012


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