Liam is an incubus whom has been wandering the mortal world for thousands of years away without purpose. He found the mortals fascinating and was envious of their ways of living their lives so freely. Living his own life without rules to keep him entertained, he did as he pleased whether or not someone tried to stop him.

While haunted by his past, events and people make Liam question everything in his life. Such as why a certain woman resurfaced feelings he hadn't felt since his wife whom passed away centuries ago, whether reincarnation was actually real, and whether or not he should be with that woman.


1. Start Anew

    He forgot how big of a bore safety was. Since his 'apparent' death in Afghanistan some months ago, Liam had been living the 'quiet' life of citizens; the comfortable safety among the mortals. It just wasn't his style. The quiet life. He gave that a shot, but that was centuries ago. 

    Never doing that again. 

    Liam might just throw himself into war again when he got too bored. Maybe in fifty years when the current bunch have aged and/or perished. Just got to find a forger to make a birth certificate and go in whatever name the piece of paper read. when that time came. It was the only way to get by in the mortal world. Fake names, fake social security numbers, and bank accounts run by immortals in order to stay out of the mortals’ suspicious eye. 

    While he was in San Francisco, his new name was Walter Davis. Yeah, GREAT name. The forger bastard thought it would be funny to give Liam an old name to make fun of his great age. Damn demon youths. Only the immortal knew each other's real names; their given names. They could see things, knew things. They knew everyone's names.  There was no lying to the holy or the damned. 

    Liam, or Walter, walked among the dark streets by the Pier. Some old street lamps lighting the streets, but still dark enough for mortal women to become cautious and nervous when they were out alone. His blue eyes fell toward a cafe, mostly made of glass and wood. Two stories tall, but only the second floor was lit up while the downstairs lights were turned off and the curtains drawn. A woman with long blue hair looked through the window down to the street and Liam immediately felt the pure energy of emanating off her. 

    An angel.

    And he knew from the way the angel looked toward his way that she knew exactly what he was. It was hard to ignore the energy that came off of him. Great age brought great strength. It made Liam a threat. It made a lot of old immortals a threat. With the more mellow feeling he felt in his chest and off the angel, she was younger. No older than two centuries. 

    Liam stared up at the angel, the blue haired woman glaring down at him too, and walked away. There were hotels close by for him to stay in. 

    He ran his hand through his hair, maneuvering around people walking their dogs out in the middle of the night, dimly lit porch lights of three story homes, an odd crowd of people rolling by on their segways, and then the tourist part of the market about a block away from the hotel. When he entered the lobby, he felt other angels and demons in the room. The younger ones looked toward him, curious and cautious. The man winked at a pretty little angel girl, she scoffed at him in disgust and looked away.

    Angels were fun to mess with. Bunch of stiffs they were.

    And mortals were completely oblivious to their existence. To them, the immortals in front of them were normal humans. Mortals that had everything figured out. People with power. People that knew everything.

    'Walter Davis' checked into the hotel. Hours went by in a short tick and watched the sun rise from his bedside. He wasn't even tired, didn't need sleep like the mortals did. He just sat there like a statue and watched the sun rise above the water and watched the streets grow more active with citizens and tourists. 

    Time didn't matter to him. Minutes to him felt like seconds. Years felt short due to his great age. Sometimes, just sometimes, days went by without him noticing. Those times were hard to keep up when everything kept evolving and changing around him.

    The old demon finally pushed himself off his bed and went into the bathroom to clean the outside world from his skin. The man that stared back at him in the mirror didn't look ancient, not even a little. The man appeared to be in his early thirties, or late twenties? Everyone nowadays didn’t look their age, it was hard to tell exactly how old when they get their lives on a table and under a knife. His dark hair was a mess, shorter on the side and wild at the top. The stubbles on his face defined his jawline and his skin touched by the sun.

    Liam didn't doubt his looks if the mortal females stared at him like raw meat; it was just strange how taste in what was attractive on a man constantly changed over the years. Just like the outer beauty in women changed over the years.

    Whatever. As long as he got laid, he couldn't complain.

    The demon cleaned the filth off of himself and went out of his room with the same clothes he came in the night before. Might have to put clothes on the list to buy before eating. Mortals were overly judgmental of stench off of people and the clothes people around them wear. Liam pulled his wallet from his pocket and checked if his necessary needs were still there. Debit and credit cards, cash, his ID, and other little cards for decoration in order to pull off being a normal human. He walked down the street, the little cafe he saw last night coming into view. The demon pursed his lips and looked around him, nothing but homes and shitty tourist shops. With a roll of his eyes, he crossed the street toward the cafe made of wood and glass.

    Liam went into the pathetically feminine looking cafe, feeling the uncomfortable welcoming atmosphere in the air. The smell of coffee, muffins, pancakes, and other sugary sustenance known to man mixed in a warm colored environment of brown and cream with white tables and cushioned seats. His eyes scanned the area, noticing how absolutely loud and crowded the place was when the front girl came back from seating a family.

    "How many?" she asked.

    "Just me," he answered with a smirk. The mortal was cute, but that was about it; she wasn't sexually appealing. She was much too thin and her brown eyes were boring for his taste.

    "Alright," she nodded, her cheeks blushing a light pink as she took a menu from the side of the podium and led the demon to a table by the window. He took his seat and opened up the menu when she placed it in front of him when she said, "Your waitress will be over in a few minutes."

    Liam grunted and waved the girl off as he blindly skimmed through the menu. Nothing looked good; better yet, nothing sounded good. They all sounded and looked too sweet, and anything that sounded familiar he didn’t doubt tasted anything like what he tried in other countries that created the damn meal.

    It was quite sad, really.

    "Hello, my name is Emily and I'll be your waitress," someone said to him. He glanced up at the girl, whose hair made him double take on how red it was as well. As the fact at how small she was by height and size. If he stood up, she would probably end at his shoulder. "What drink can I start you with?" she asked in the most uninterested tone he had ever heard spoken toward him.

    Was she . . . not appealed by him . . .?

    Liam blinked at her as her eyes were on the notepad and her pen tapped against it in a rapid tempo. Something told him that she was not the least bit interested in looking at him. But why? Did he sleep with her and never contact her again? Couldn't be. Never even seen her before. He didn't think he'd forget her face; she was pretty. Soft features, freckles that were too light to see on her practically porcelain colored skin, large eyes, and lips undeniably luscious. 

    If he hadn't slept with her, shame on him for not having bed her yet.

    "How about I skip the drink and eat you," he answered with his most sensual smile, confidence oozing in his tone.

    "I'm not on the menu," the redhead answered without hesitation, her tone still uninterested.

    He furrowed his brows at her. Did he . . . did he get denied?

    Liam coughed. "I'm not sure you heard me right--?"

    "I'm. NOT. Interested," the redhead answered and rolled her eyes. "I'll come back later so you can have more time to decide what to have," she sighed and walked away without so much as a backward glance.

    Liam followed her figure as she moved around the tables and customers passing through without skipping a beat. He leaned back in his seat and stared absently at the chair across from him with the most dumbfounded look on his face. She had to be the strangest woman he had ever met. It was one thing for angels to say ‘no’ to him, it was something else when mortals said 'no' to him. In fact . . . a human saying ‘no’ NEVER happened before.

    In all honesty, her rejection was the first and it completely baffled him. Not ONCE had anyone denied him.

    One would have to be blind to say 'no' to him.

    As Liam collected his thoughts and composure, he felt an approaching holy energy come toward his table. He furrowed his dark brows and his eyes fell on the cerulean haired angel he saw last night. Her expression indicating her annoyance and offense. When she reached his table, she leaned toward him, practically in his face like she had a death wish. “Get out!” she hissed.

    “Woah, that’s no way to talk to a customer,” he chuckled, his tone amused.

    “Only when my employees are being sexually harassed,” she snapped.

    “‘Sexually harassed’? I didn’t even touch her,” Liam rolled his eyes.

    “There IS such thing as verbal sexual harassment, you disgusting filth,” the blue haired woman continued on, her voice touched by acid with every word she spat.

    “I’m honestly feeling attacked and uncomfortable sitting here while I’m being treated like a rat,” Liam replied with a light tone and a tilt of his head.

    “Oh, do you now?” she rolled her eyes, sarcasm not fitting well on her.

    “Listen,” he sighed and looked at her name tag pinned on her left breast, “Harmony. I’ll leave your ‘precious’ little humans alone if you get out of my face,” he continued, his tone mocking at ‘precious’ and hard with his threat. She was clearly much younger than him and couldn’t take him. But her challenging demeanor knew he wouldn’t kill her out in the open.

    She was safe and he couldn’t do anything about that . . .

    “Besides. I was joking. Can’t have any fun before a meal? Angels are such stiffs,” Liam added with a roll of his eyes.

    “You’re lucky we’re in public,” Harmony hissed.

    And he was safe too. Not that he was in any danger.

    She gave him a hard glare as she leaned away from him while Liam stared back with a humored smirk. “I’ll have the scrambled eggs with toast and sausage on the side,” he called as Harmony turned away. She scoffed at him as she made way to the back.

    Triumphant, Liam looked out the window and watched people walk past while they peeked through the glass. Only taking a short glance before they continued on their way.

    God, he hoped they didn’t spit in his food.

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