Nobody compares (Niall Horan not famous)

Jenna, Niall's girlfriend, have cancer, and is going to die. She don't want to tell Niall, but she finds out that she has to. What happens when she does? What happens when she dies? What would Niall do? And who's the girl in the same room in the hospital?
Want to find out? Send me a message and I give you the answers. Meh, dream. Read it!

Hey! So glad you're here, and don't you dare leave. Please read to the end.

_Basic information about the story_
Niall is Niall, of course.
Jenna is Niall's girlfriend at the moment.
Hanna is another girl.
Maura is Niall's mother.
Jenna's parents are Oliver and Alexandra.
Hanna's parents are Tom and Sophie.

If you read, I swear, you'll not regret.

** Sorry if I have some mistakes or bad english. I'm norwegian, but I wanted to write on english so other than norwegians could read. Hope you like it, anyway ..**


3. The truth

Jenna's POV:
We ate our breakfasts and suddenly my phone rang. I took it. "Hey," I said and went out of the kitchen, and into my room. I closed the door and listened to the phone. "It's Dr. Johnson. I've got the result for the tests," he said before it went quiet. "And what did they say?" I was afraid for the answer. If they were negative, and I didn't have cancer, then I didn't have to tell Niall. But if they were positive, and I have cancer, I hoped I could just die without telling. "I'm so sorry. You got.." he said, "cancer. It's nothing we can do to save you. You got three months, and if you're lucky, you can have six months. Even if the chance is very little, it's possible." I didn't know what to say. A tear fell down my cheek. I was going to die. 

Niall's POV: Jenna had been out for a while and I wondered who rang, so I went out to her. "Hun, who rang?" I  asked. She looked out the window with the phone to her ear. "I understand." "Tomorrow one o'clock?"  "Goodbye" She said. Who was she going to meet? Maybe it was just a friend or something, nothing to  worry about. She hang up and turned to look at me. "I need to call my mum," she said, "and some  air." So she was on her way out of the house. I decided to clean the house while she was out.    Jenna's POV: "Hi Mom," I said, "the doctor called me today and said I got three months, and six if I'm lucky. The  problem is.." "Oh sweetheart, that's good!" she almost shouted in my ear, before I got to finish my  own sentences. "Niall doesn't know," I said. She went quiet. "What? Why?" she suddenly said. "I want  to protect him," I said, "if he knew it, he wouldn't think of anything else than me dying. However,  what if I don't die? You now, there is miracles. Maybe I don't die. What if I didn't have cancer? He  would be so upset and think I would die, and suddenly hear 'everything's fine with me'." It all went  quiet. "I'm also scared. Scared of that he would stop loving me," I said. "Oh Jenna, he wouldn't. He  loves you with all his heart and soul. Why shouldn't he?" my mother said. "That's not what I mean. I  mean, I'm scared he would think that 'she's dying anyway, I could just leave her now, it doesn't  matter anyway, she's dying', and then he would leave me dying alone, and finding someone else,  that's brave enough to tell if she got cancer," I said. So I started to think. I wasn't brave enough  to tell the one I love, that I'm going to die. It must be terrible for him. I had to tell him. As  soon as possible. Now. "Mum, I got to go," I said before I hung up.   Niall's POV:  I cleaned the whole house while she was out. I was exhausted. When she came home she didn't look so  happy, neither angry. Rather she looked sad, or upset. I could tell she was. "Hun, what's wrong?" I  asked her softly. "We need to talk," she said. I got a bit worried. What was she going to tell? "Okay, sure," I said. "Let me start from the beginning. Five weeks ago, I felt weird in my head, but I ignored it. It kept pressing inside my head, and I didn't know what to do. I ignored it for a week, but after that, I couldn't stand it. I went to the doctor. I got cancer, he said. He took some tests, and for two weeks ago, he called me. It wasn't a dangerous type of cancer, and I wouldn't die. I lived happy and didn't tell you, cause I didn't know it would spread around my body, as it did. Yesterday the doctor called me again, and said it was a little spread, and that I maybe was going to die. Today he called me again, and said that I would die. He also said I got three months to live, and six if I was lucky," she said and took a deep breath. "Why didn't you tell me before?" I said and started to cry. "I wouldn't tell you, in case you would leave me.. and because I wanted you to be happy and think to much on me.. I'm really sorry," she said and started crying as well.    Jenna's POV:  I finally told him. Not that I felt so much better, but it was better to tell than keep it inside me. He went out of the living-room, and into his room. I could tell he wouldn't see me or talk to me or anything with me in the rest of the day. I accepted that, and slept on the couch. I woke up at midnight and had a terrible headache. It was like a bomb inside my head. I couldn't think clear. "Niall?" I cried and tried to raise, but fell. "Niall, please!" I cried even louder. So everything turned black. 
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