Nobody compares (Niall Horan not famous)

Jenna, Niall's girlfriend, have cancer, and is going to die. She don't want to tell Niall, but she finds out that she has to. What happens when she does? What happens when she dies? What would Niall do? And who's the girl in the same room in the hospital?
Want to find out? Send me a message and I give you the answers. Meh, dream. Read it!

Hey! So glad you're here, and don't you dare leave. Please read to the end.

_Basic information about the story_
Niall is Niall, of course.
Jenna is Niall's girlfriend at the moment.
Hanna is another girl.
Maura is Niall's mother.
Jenna's parents are Oliver and Alexandra.
Hanna's parents are Tom and Sophie.

If you read, I swear, you'll not regret.

** Sorry if I have some mistakes or bad english. I'm norwegian, but I wanted to write on english so other than norwegians could read. Hope you like it, anyway ..**


4. Shutted eyes

Niall's POV: I woke up of the sound of Jenna. She cried. I ran to her    and saw her laying there peacefully. "Jenna," I whispered. I knew what    I heard, and it wasn't just a nightmare. "Jenna, wake up!" I screamed.    She opened one eye. "Niall, I think.." she said, "call the ambulance." I ran after my phone and called the ambulance. "Hey, it's Niall, Jenna's boyfriend. Something happened. We're coming," I told the doctor which I could tell about the voice, was an old lady.   

Noone's POV: Niall and Jenna drove to the hospital. They got a room, that they needed to share with a boy with the same type of cancer as Jenna, and his girlfriend, which they found out was called Hanna, and the boy was called James. Hanna cried over James, and Niall cried over Jenna. Jenna was going to die earlier than it was supposed to. The doctor didn't know why. It was a new case. It had never happened before. So when it happened to Jenna, they didn't know what to do. Jenna and James laid down in each bed, and got ready to leave their girlfriend and boyfriend. Ready to die. 

It was a doctor in the room. She looked for some stuff and did a few things before she leaved. "Just stay, don't do anything. I'm coming back in a few minutes," she just said, and with that she went out the door.  "Niall, don't cry over me. Be happy. You are still alive. Your life goes on. Days become nights. Nights become days. Either with you smiling, or with you crying. I want you to be happy. I want you to. Do it for me. Smile. Be happy. Don't think to much on me. Don't be sad. Please. Do it for me. I love you, always have, always will," Jenna said.

Niall has always believed in miracles, and hoped a miracle could happen to him. Once. Now. He prayed for a miracle to happen. He didn't care about what Jenna said. He barely listened. He couldn't do anything, but cry. His girlfriend, that he loved with his whole heart and soul, was going to die. "I don't want to smile. You're dying. How can I smile? You're my world. You're my smile. You're my everything. Why is this happening to me? Please don't leave me Jenna!" he screamed.  Jenna started crying.

"I'm so sorry Niall. I really wished I didn't have to. But you know, I cant be the boss over the cancer. It took over me. It's killing me. It's best for me to die. And if you love me, you'll let me. It's hard, but you need to move on. I love you, and I don't want to leave you. But I have to. I'm truly and really sorry, babe," she said calmly before she closed her eyes.  "Jenna! Not now, please! Jenna!" Niall cried and fell to the ground. Jenna carefully opened her eyes again.

"Niall, I think it's time to..say..farewell..I love you. Remember that. Don't forget me. Move on. Life goes on. I love you. Thanks for everything. I'm so sorry," she said and closed her eyes again, "I love you."  Three doctors came in the door and ran to the bed. They pushed away Niall, who laid on the floor begging and crying over Jenna. "Jenna!" he screamed, "I love you, too. Farewell." "Farewell babe," Jenna said before she passed away.




I got something to tell.  Everytime I read, everything is so perfectly fine, and nothing bad happens. They hardly die, but doesn't. I wanted to make something different.  Tell me what you think! :)

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