Nobody compares (Niall Horan not famous)

Jenna, Niall's girlfriend, have cancer, and is going to die. She don't want to tell Niall, but she finds out that she has to. What happens when she does? What happens when she dies? What would Niall do? And who's the girl in the same room in the hospital?
Want to find out? Send me a message and I give you the answers. Meh, dream. Read it!

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_Basic information about the story_
Niall is Niall, of course.
Jenna is Niall's girlfriend at the moment.
Hanna is another girl.
Maura is Niall's mother.
Jenna's parents are Oliver and Alexandra.
Hanna's parents are Tom and Sophie.

If you read, I swear, you'll not regret.

** Sorry if I have some mistakes or bad english. I'm norwegian, but I wanted to write on english so other than norwegians could read. Hope you like it, anyway ..**


6. Pain

Later that night.

No one's P.O.V.:
Niall laid in his and Jennas bed. He couldn't sleep. He couldn't do anything, but cry. He cried all the time. Non-stop. He cried all the worlds oceans. And a lot more. It came like rain from his eyes. He rolled around in the bed. The pain were everywhere. It never ended. It hurted so much. It was like a huge headache and a stomack ache and a ache in his whole body. It was something he'd never felt before, and he never wanted to feel again. Awful. Straight out, awful. Terrible. No matter how high he cried or much he screamed, the pain never ended. Just as he wish Jenna's life would never have ended, the pain never ended. "Why?" was a thought that ran through his head on repeat.

Hanna's P.O.V.:
(on the hospital, btw sorry so much for confusing, but just try to figure it out, please)

It was awful to see Jenna's death. Especially Niall's pain. It was worse than anything I ever seen. But it was also something I was going through. My boyfriend laid there, ready to die, too. I cried. I couldn't talk or anything. It was a day of pain.  "I love you James, if I could do something.." "you would do it, I know. I love you. Go help Niall." he interrupted. I didn't want to help Niall, or of course I wanted to, but I prioritized my boyfriend first. I held his hand all the time until he.. died. unfortunately, died.

Niall*s POV:
I can't handle this. I just can't. It's just to much. I felt sick. I felt ill. I felt bad. I just wanted to throw up. I wanted to throw up all my intestines and die. Why should I live? There wasn't one reason for me to live anymore? Suddenly the phone rang. Who was that? Who would call me at the middle of the night? Jenna? I cried even more. I didn't take the phone. It rang one more time. I had no choice. I took it. "Hello?" I said and heard someone crying in the other end. "'s.."



I can't be happy while writing this. I cry myself too, just for you to know. I am by the way so happy for all your likes, comments and faves. Especially your comments. It's always more fun and better when you for example have a task at school. I don't always care about the grade. I care about my comments. because they are response and tell me whats good and whats not.

Im so happy when I read your comments. I read every single one, and I try to reply on some of them. I also want you to know that i love it when you comment, so please continue commenting. It's the best part of writing stories, when others comment their thoughts. Keep doing it! It helps me to improve and motivates me to keep going! :-)


and to something way more serious.

some of you have maybe been through the same as "niall", and if that's case, you should know that I feel so sorry for you. I can't even imagine how it would feel. I bet what I wrote, is just a fraction of how you feel.
AND don't you ever feel or think I try to offense someone by writing this story.



I like to write, and when I found this site, I got so happy, because now I can also see if someone likes what I write and also get inspired by others, so thanks to whoever showed me this site. #ILYSM


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